Dress up for Independence Day- 14 August

Everywhere on television, radio channels and playgrounds, different games are played to encourage the young Pakistani kids and make them realize the importance of the Independence Day that is celebrated on 14th August.

Most importantly, while children and parents celebrate the Independence Day on 14th August, they paint the whole city in green color. Green is the color of the flag of Pakistan. Its significance comes from the flag and everyone dresses up in a way to celebrate the Independence Day. The green color for dressing up on the Independence Day has never failed to overwhelm anyone with patriotic emotions for the country, Pakistan.

At many places within the country, dressing code is followed for the special Independence Day. There are many enthusiastic Pakistanis who are fond of dressing up in green color or wear the Pakistan’s cricket T-shirts for the celebration of the Independence Day. 

Following the Dress Code

When talking about the celebration of the Pakistan’s Independence Day, green and white is the dressing code that everyone should and usually do follow. This day is celebrated to acknowledge the separation of a Muslim homeland. Don’t forget to follow the Pakistani fashion of wearing shalwar kameez with green shirt and white shalwar or just a pure green dress along with a multi shade dupatta. Women can improvise their dress more compared to men who can paint their faces in Pakistani flag. Try to go for more traditional look while dressing up for this particular day. Avoid wearing jeans on the Independence Day as it looks casual and less traditional for Pakistanis to wear.

Selecting The Right Accessories

Once people have decided upon their clothes, next comes the accessories. Along with the dressing, accessories also matter to be carried on the Independence Day. You can get hold of the badges and usually children get attracted through such things. Young girls can wear studs that are made of Pakistani flags. Also, if they want, they can get a green and white embroidered frock stitched for the Independence Day. Along with this, bracelets, necklaces, rings or a handmade bag will also do. In this way young girls can look unique on 14th August. On the other hand, young boys can take hold of an old shirt or a polo shirt and get it painted. This painting can be done at home to dress up too. This can be in green and white color.

Provincial Dressing

Besides the green and white theme, children from four provinces can dress up in their provincial dresses to so as to represent the cultural diversity existing in Pakistan.

The Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated on the 14th August every year. All Pakistanis like to celebrate this day by decorating their homes, putting flags of Pakistan on their rooftops, lighting the whole country with lights on buildings and what n

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