Decorate your home on this 14 August

Decoration is a symbol that is used to tell that something special is going on. We decorate our homes in a special way on various occasions like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and other celebrations. Celebrations ask for theme decorations through which we express our joy, excitement and other emotions of care and concern. Decoration on 14 August is specifically made to bring forth our patriotism, our love for Pakistan and our identity as proud Pakistanis. Pakistan’s Independence Day means our independence day as a Muslim nation. Pakistan is a place where we enjoy the freedom of being what we are, say what we want and practice what we think is right. Pakistan is not less than an affectionate mother who hides all the weaknesses of her children and presents them as confident and independent entities before everyone.

Every year we get a chance to tell others what we feel for this home of ours through making Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations. To express our patriotism we decorate our homes on 14 August-Pakistan’s Independence Day. Every decoration follows a theme and so do this special decoration. We Use Pakistan’s flags and  wave them high on the top of our homes. Pakistan’s flag assumes a sacred position in every Pakistani’s heart. The Pak green color represents the Muslim nation while white portion represents other minorities.
Pakistan is a place where people from all religions and races co exist peacefully and this is what our flag manifests. Placing the flag as high as possible denotes our deep wishes to see Pakistan soaring up and making its mark as a fully developed country.
Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations ask for special home decorations on this 14 August. Fashion Central wishes that every Pakistani decorates his home in such a way that the whole Pakistan glows. We wish there is a flag on every roof top, and chiragh (earthen lamps) in every hand, one chiragh to lit the other and this goes on till the whole map of Pakistan lights up. Chiragh is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and traditions. By lightening up these little earthen lamps we show that every person holds responsible to carry forward our traditions and culture. Moreover, the Pakistani people transfer the light of knowledge and wisdom to one another and thus live peacefully.
Bounties (Jhandian) are an essential part of decoration on 14 August. If you are a Pakistani, don’t forget to use as many jhandian as possible as they denote our enthusiasm and passion as a living nation. Celebrations are for those who live and have a spark of life with all its colours.
Along with the decoration on 14 August and other celebrations of Pakistan’s Independence Day, Fashion Central reminds Every Pakistani that Pakistan’s existence is a result of many sacrifices which our founders and national heroes have observed. And these sacrifices ask for a pay back. As Pakistani, every single holds certain liabilities. Every person has a potential to change the destiny of this nation and take Pakistan to the peak where it was actually dreamed of. We need to contribute as much as possible for this mother land of ours so that our coming generations also live peacefully and enjoy their independence in a better way.

Every Pakistani celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day to tell how much we love our homeland. Decoration on 14 August is a must deal that manifests us as a patriotic nation.

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