Waar the Upcoming Pakistani Movie

Even after being on a downward slope Pakistan Film Industry is bringing out some really amazing movies. In the past we have seen Khuda kay Liye and Bol winning our hearts and people all across the globe. Another such movie Waar is on its way.

We need to produce more of such movies so that we make a mark in international film industry and also give our people a reason to be proud over their local films. Bol and Khuda Kay Liye were widely appreciated by the public and it was also much appreciated in India and Dubai.

Waar is another Pakistani movie which is on its way. It stars the best Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid, Drama actress Ayesha Khan, Shamoon Abbasi, Model/Singer Meesha Shafi and the famous Ali Azmat. The cast looks absolutely amazing and people are desperately waiting for the movie to come out. The trailer is out already and the movie looks very interesting.

More importantly the movie looks very different and new. The picture quality is really amazing. The trailer is absolutely magnificent. It seems to be an action movie and also made on the lines of the current situation in the country. It is most probably based on the current Taliban insurgency in Pakistan.

We need more films like this to prove it to the world what we actually are and remove the tag from us which says Pakistanis are terrorists. The movie looks brilliant from its trailer and people cannot wait to go to cinemas to watch it once it comes out.

There is no doubt that Pakistani Film Industry is not doing so well and a lot of actors are forced to choose other lines of work. Yet Pakistan has produced some amazing movies in the past few years such as Khuda kay Liye and Bol.

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