Siyaah – A Story of Black Magic

The Pakistani film industry is breathing its last breath because of the same sort of movies. People avoid going to cinemas to watch Pakistani movies because they are bored of watching the same stories. Many directors and producers are doing struggle for revival of Pakistani cinema. Khuda k liye and Bol were blockbusters in Pakistani cinema industry and widely appreciated by audiences.

This was a good attempt for revival of Pakistan film industry. Due to the impact of western culture, demand of films is increasing. Media is considered to be the fourth pillar of society and enhancing exposure of people towards latest movies. The audience wants something unique and new. They do not want to see typical dance in the fields. For fulfilling this demand of the public, new talent of Pakistan is busy in making a unique movie “SIYAAH” with the theme of black magic that is full of drama and thrill. This film is expected to be helpful for the revival of the Pakistan cinema industry.

Siyaah, a low budget independent film by IRK, is expected to be popular and hit because of its different story. It has a unique subject that revolves around exorcism and black magic. It is not a typical love story neiter is it related to terrorism and religious intolerance. It is a horror film highlighting the prevalent dilemma of black magic in our society.

A new young talent group from Islamabad will be seen in this movie. Azfar Jafri, a self taught film maker is the director and Imran Kazmi is the producer of this movie. It is the first featured film by Azfar Jafri. Several actors in this film belong to local circuit in Islamabad. Osama Khalid Butt, who is a comedian, is a script writer of Siyaah.

Imran Raza says that this film will be different from all old movies of 60’s and 70’s. This film has suspense and drama and contains a balance of all perfect ingredients. This film is made after research of three years. This suspense horror flick will be released on 15 march. This project appears to be a great effort by the young talented group.

It is a classical tale that revolves around the black magic and its associated evils that are prevailing in our society. It is a story in which a modern family is haunted by their own disbelief. This film is self funded and  full of suspense and thrill right from its start to the end. Siyaah is a skin-crawling punch of horror and fright which will leave you squealing with fear and anxiety.

Films with low budget usually find difficult to reach cinemas but Siyaah seems to be lucky. It may be a ray of light to brighten the darkness and gloom of Pakistan film industry. Due to its uniqueness and different story, it will be much popular among people of Pakistan. Pakistani film industry need new and educated people for its progress.

New talent should be given opportunity and film makers have to be creative and get away from old and worn out themes. Siyaah is a creative movie and a good effort by young talented group.

Siyaah, an upcoming horror movie, will be released on 15th march. This movie focuses on the dark reality of life that is black magic. This movie is the effort of new young aspirants. It will be an entertaining horror flick and seems to be interesting enco

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