Stay Fresh, Enjoy Summer Makeup

If you are a woman then you have to be the best artist because every day you have the challenge to paint your personal canvas. The paints are the makeup and the canvas is the beautiful natural face. Every minor detail of the face needs your attention. You need to know the kind of makeup you have to use. The summer makeup has to be definitely different from that used during the winters.

The challenge is to get your hands on the summer makeup base that has to be exactly suitable for your skin type, complexion, occasion and personality. Selecting the summer base itself is an art and after you have the right kind of base, you then need to have the right foundation. Application of summer makeup is a yet another task. Each one of us needs the light and fresh look after the application of the summer makeup base.

Once the task of applying the base is done, we need to idealize the light and fresh look for the summers. Summer is all about bright colours and long lasting makeup. The best summer makeup tip would be to massage an ice cube on the face before you apply the summer makeup this will help the makeup specially the base to stay for long.

The most important part of the makeup whether it’s during the winters or during the summers, is the use of moisturizer before you start applying makeup. Do you think moisturizer completely ruins the makeup that could last for long? A simple no is the answer. Application of the moisturizer with a damp sponge gives a fresh and better look.

Even if its summer makeup the under eye or around eye dark skin has to be completely covered with a concealor. Every time during the hot summer days you think of fixing your summer makeup base make sure you fix it first and then the rest of the makeup. Summer makeup includes the neutral eye makeup tints along with a touch of mascara to the thin eye liner, all this will simply add life to your eyes.

Learn the art of selecting and applying the summer makeup base for a fresh look. The colours of the makeup used have to be different from those used during the winters.

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