Monsoon Makeover: Look Fabulous This Season

Monsoon is upon us. It is time to get all your colorful clothes and funky accessories out of closet. Enjoy rain of the monsoon with beautiful colors of nature. Don’t let the monsoon blues get you down. Be bold and splash some colors and enjoy the rains.

Do you want to know what is hot in the cool rainy season? Which items and fashion accessories are in and can make you look fabulous this season? I must suggest you some important tips regarding your dressing, makeup and hairstyle that will help you in looking fabulous in this monsoon. Have a look.


It’s time to embrace nature’s bounty, unraveling hues and motifs that enthrall. Boost your simple outfit ideas and pierce some of the key style items of the monsoon season in your makeover project. This monsoon, try butterfly prints. While butterfly motifs and designs evidently flocked the runways and now it is your turn to host them. The colorful butterfly prints enhance the beauty of any dress. You must go with knee grazing dresses, jumpsuits, maxis and gowns and keep it stylish and trendy with chic butterfly prints.

The charm of a butterfly often seen hovering over blossoming flowers, has definitely been a source of inspiration for designers especially in this monsoon. Go for bold and bright hues like yellow, orange, red, green, blue and pink. Bright, bold and funky is the trend in monsoon. Wear bright clothes, carry a hot pink rain coat or colorful umbrella and you will definitely make heads turn.


High heels and big stilettos are big no during rainy weather. Try colorful waterproof shoes and sandals in which you feel comfort. Go bold and funky with bright hues umbrella and rain coat instead of traditional one. Funky and bright umbrella, trendy flip flops and girly accessories are what every girl wants to embrace in this monsoon.


When weather gets muggy, it means you have to be careful about your makeup. In monsoon, go with natural makeup. Say no to heavy makeup and creamy foundations as its application makes your face look like a creamy cake. When it comes to use of shimmery blush is a strict No! Dusty pink and peach shades give natural glowing skin and look great during rainy days.

It is important to keep your makeup natural and powdery in monsoon. Use waterproof mascara and eye liner because using waterproof and oil free makeup is must. Bright lipstick shades like red and pink are superb in monsoon. Imagine clear glowing skin, with shiny bright lips and natural eye shades that is a great makeup look for monsoon.


Tackle your hair with cool hairstyles like ponytails, messy buns and braids. Don’t let your hair to damage in rainy season. Braiding your hair is easy and there are plenty of options to choose from. Try different types of braided styles. Use a shampoo and conditioner that help you to moisturize your hair.

This makeover guide will transform you in a trendiest and chicest person in this monsoon season. Go bold and gusty with colors and have fun in the rains.

Do you want to know what can make you look fabulous in this monsoon? I must suggest you a makeover guide that will enhance your beautiful looks and you will look chicest and trendiest one.

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