How to Wear Snake Print

Fashion trends act like a circle or a cycle. Sometimes something goes out of trend then it makes a comeback some time later. Snake print fashion has done the same thing as snake print fashion went out of but came back into trend in the falls 2012 collection and the snake print style is still very much hot and happening in the current fashion trends.

You may have seen Jenifer Lopez was seen dazzling everyone when she embraced the snake print fashion. So now it is time that you should get ready to add some reptilian style to your wardrobe and enjoy the bits of fashion in your own way.

But many people get confused on how to carry the snake print style and get in synch with the snake print fashion. Well not to worry folks because it is quite easy to do something when you know the tiny details and some light tips so here are some tips to let you know how to get the snake print style.

Snake Print Fashion -Tips and Tricks:

Before we start on the snake print fashion tips keep one thing in mind that try to be creative and do your own thing if you are trying to get the snake print style or any other because if you copy others people will call you as a poser rather than a fashion lover.

  • The first tip about snake print fashion would be that snake print style goes well if either the shirt or the pats are of the snake print while the other is plain. For example if you are wearing a snake print shirt then pants should be plain and vice versa.

  • You should prefer mid tones if you are trying out for snake print fashion.

  • If the shirt you are going to wear is of the snake print fashion then your pants or jeans should be of mid tones and you can then funk it up with snake print style shoes as well.

  • If you are going for snake print style pants then you should pay more attention to the accessories which you are going to wear. Consider having the ones with a lot of beads, or big bangles and some right kind of sun glasses.

  • Just to give you an idea I’ll give you a hint. Black and white snake print style tights go well with silver high heels and any other brown toned snake print will be a good match with golden striped sandals.

  • You can also go for plain shirt and jeans with a snake print style jacked as it is winter season a jacket will also look good on you along with protecting you from the cold weather.

  • If you are only interested in snake print fashion accessories then your dressings should have less or no skin print. It will look awkward if you dress entirely in snake print. This idea will also work the other way around if you are wearing a snake print dress then you can wear a plain jacket or coat over the dress to give it a more elegant look.

  • You can also combine the snake prints with neutral colors. This combination will attract everyone’s attention immediately.

The latest trend for the New Year is the snake print fashion which is very much in this season so gear and get ready for the snake print style because we are going to tell you how to wear the snake print fashion and get in the groove.

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