How to Recognize Quality Khussa

Khussa is associated with Pakistani culture. Khussa trend hardly ever goes out. It’s one of those traditional things which are un-affected by fashion and trends.

Khussa trend in Pakistan is right now enjoying its peak, because “Choori dar Pajamas” have crept into the latest clothing trends, and everybody knows that Khussa trend and Choori Dar Pajama trend goes hand in hand. Apart from knowing about latest Khussa trend in Pakistan, you also need to know how to recognize its quality.

Everyone loves to wear something unique. Though, we all have all sorts of expensive and pretty shoes in our wardrobes but nothing can be compared with the traditional beauty of Khussa. It does not only look royal, if bought from a good place, a khussa can be a very comfortable and long-lasting foot wear. Khussa trend in Pakistan can even offer an aristocratic look for men if you choose for the gold embroidered, curvy khussa which is familiar and dear to every Pakistani. Even now in this century, we see grooms choosing to wear this traditional khussa on their wedding day, with the traditional “Sherwani”.

Khussa trend in Pakistan is not restricted by gender. It offers an even wider and more amazing variety of designs for girls and women alike.

Khussa trend in Pakistan has always stayed because of its cultural importance, but we have been seeing slight innovations in the design of Khussa. One of the most prominent innovations in Khussa trends is Back-less Khussa. This Khussa trend has been accepted with open arms by girls, who find it much more comfortable and casual to wear a back-less khussa.

As far as khussa trend for eid is concerned, you can go for anything from beaded khussa to embroidered ones to match with your eid dress. Those girls, who are planning to wear a Choori dar pajama on Eid, should definitely buy a pair of Khussa.

Khussa trend in Pakistan offers elegant Khussa in beautiful colors and designs. Multani Khussa has an un-matched beauty and khussa trend in Pakistan is initiated from there. 
A few things need to be kept in mind while buying a khussa:

  • Look for Khussa made from high quality leather

Apart from knowing everything about latest khussa trend, you also need to make sure that the color of leather used in uppers and soles match, otherwise it means that low quality leather has been used for uppers. Moreover, make sure that the leather is thick and stiff. It might come across as un-comfortable to you, but it is sign of good quality material used. It does not only soften up after a few wears but also remains in your wardrobe, undamaged, for quite a long time.

  • Check where the Khussa are from

Apart from Pakistan, khussa trend also prevails in India. But Pakistan has always been more popular in providing khussa with high quality leather. Khussa, sewn by woman and children, have always been highly valued and priced, because of the fine quality of stitching, and so Pakistan has always been ahead in offering better quality for Khussa. Especially, Multan is strongly associated with Khussa trend in Pakistan. China has the lowest quality in stitching.

  • Look for shoes that look like they have good workmanship.

Stitching is the main thing to look for when you are trying to know about the workmanship of khussa. Pakistanis are skilled in stitching khussa and this is a skill which has been handed down to generations.

Khussa trend in Pakistan is enjoying its peak, because "Choori dar Pajamas" have crept into the latest clothing trends, and everybody knows that Khussa trend and Choori Dar Pajama trend goes hand in hand.

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