Your Ego Is Destroying Your Productivity

According to the great psychologist Sigmund Freud, the ego tends to work in the moral principle and tend to create a balance between the super ego and id of the body that actually is the desire or the sexual desire of the person. The ego if managed in the positive way can tend to be in the favor for your life style but of it is being mishandled it might make you feel that the Your Ego Is Destroying Your Productivity.

The ego can be productive and a don productive in many ways that it can let you work through many hurdles but can really finish us if you subdue yourself to a master of yours. Thus, you need to control the go circle in your life otherwise; you will get yourself feeling that the Your Ego Is Destroying Your Productivity. The ego can destroy your productivity son they are as follows through many ways.

Do not let you try something new:

If you are looking forwards to a change in your life or want to indulge in totally something new to have the pleasure out of your life. It might not want you to do it so it might make you feel sleepy or tired at times so that you do not out up with the efforts that you were thinking to out up in the first place. The other thing that it might do to you is to avoid you to get out if the comfort zone of yours making you feel dependent on your older habits.

The morale checking:

The role of ego is to regulate and to check the morale of your life and personality all the time times the ego can be so strong that it can turn in to the super ego and can prevent you from doing anything you wanted to do in the life of yours.

It can make you think that by doing something for others or by taking the orders from your boss will destroy you but in the other case it would only be productive or you. Therefore, instead of relying in this state you should try to get out of the trap of ego that is bothering you for a long time. So that you might get away from the troubles of the long run making yourself excel in the fields of yours.

The overcoming feeling:

You might feel sometimes that Your Ego Is Destroying your Productivity by giving you the right kind of overwhelming feelings at time. It might bother you with tired and, disinterest or let you destroy yourself by totally letting you give up on the certain things that are very much important in your life. You might get to see that the things that you have always dreamt off are snatched away from you due to the misbehaved ego that is controlling you.

At times of trouble the ego can let you have the worst picture of scenario for the future of yours which can totally make you chained to your seat., this will totally make you feel stagnant in the future as you will be afraid of not doing anything new due to the fact of failing the newer things in the life. Thus to avoid this kind of problem the best kind of solution is to have the finest kind of job in your hands by putting all your efforts to train our ego to work in the way you want it to work instead of doing the bidding of it.

You will get to see that the ego can affect the life of a person in many healthy and negative ways too. The ego has been proven to give rise to many problems, as it tends to solve many problems too.

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