Workout for Men; Have a Happy Body!


A well built and a proportionate body is the key to having a perfect body and that cannot be achieved without leg exercise.

Men are obsessed with having big biceps, muscular chest and back and well built abs. But most of the men tend to ignore exercise for lower body in their workout routine. When you make a routine for workout, you need to make room for leg exercise along with upper body exercise. This article will highlight 4 of the best exercise steps for lower body.

One good exercise for legs is “Squat Exercise” and you do not even need fitness equipment for it. For Squat exercise, you start off by standing up and spreading your legs at shoulder level. Next, you lower your body in a squat position and make a position similar to a chair. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then go back to your original position. This exercise can be repeated several times and the strength to do it more comes from repeating this workout. The strain in your legs will help build and tighten your muscles.

Another good exercise for your lower body is “Gluts Bent Kick Crosses” and this one doesn’t need any fitness equipment either. For this exercise, you get down on your hands and knees, bend your leg at approximately a 90 degree angle and raise each leg, one by one, a few inches up from the floor level. The next and harder step is to push your leg back and upwards, try to force your foot towards the ceiling. This is a good exercise for buttocks. Repeat 5 times approximately before you switch to your other leg.

“Lunges” exercise can also be performed at home without any fitness equipment. The first step for this workout is to take a long stride with one foot and keep it there while raising your left foot in a way that your toes are the only part of your foot which is connected to the ground. Keep your hands at your sides and make sure that your back is at an angle of 90 degree. Next, lower your body gradually until your left knee connects to the ground. Stay in this position for a few seconds and return to your original position. Repeat it at least 5 times in the beginning.

“Doorknob squat” is an exercise for your lower body in which any door in the house will serve as fitness equipment for you. Stand in front of a door; keep your back straight and your chest up and your arms straight at your sides. Part your legs and bend your knees, lean backwards and stay in this position. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times.

You can workout at home; without buying any expensive fitness equipment, but if you are a beginner, do take guidance from an instructor. Doing a workout in the wrong way can damage your body. Workout and have a happy body!

A well built and a proportionate body is the key to having a perfect body and that cannot be achieved without leg exercise.

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