Why Men Should Avoid Fish Oil Supplements

Fish is considered to be the healthiest food item but latest studies have shown that men should beware of taking fish supplements as consuming omega 3 fatty acid is linked to an increase rate of prostate cancer. The omega 3 fatty acids are raising new questions about the safety of men from prostate cancer.

It is admitted fact that what is not good for heart may not be healthy for other body organs. A new study published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute provides further evidence about this study. According to this katest research, the men with the higher concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids in their blood are more likely to develop prostate cancer which is the most common cancer affecting men. This study clarifies old evidences about the linkage between omega 3 fatty acids and prostate cancer risks in men.

Omega 3 fatty acids are common in fish like salmon, flaxseed oil, nuts, and certain spices. Researchers found that men with the highest concentrations of fish derived omega 3 fatty acids in their blood had 43 percent greater risk of developing the cancer compared to those men which have lowest concentration of fish. The reason behind the higher risk of prostate cancer is the anti-inflammatory properties of fish supplements like omega 3 fatty acids.

Alan Kristal, researcher of the Fred Hutchinson cancer research center and senior author of paper said that we have shown once again that use of nutritional supplements maybe harmful. Researchers are still now busy in conducting further research because findings suggest that eating fish supplements is somehow involved in the formation of tumors also.

According to this study, a quarter of millions of Americans are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. The most widely Fish supplements in North America is fish oil which is concentrated source of omega 3 fatty acids. The latest findings indicate that high concentration of the Journal EPA, DPA and DHA which are three anti-inflammatory and metabolically related fatty acids derived from fish oil supplements are associated with risks of prostate cancer in men. 

Long chain fatty acids in fish are considered essential for human health because we don’t make such fatty acids in our body. Omega 3 fatty acids decrease inflammation, good for mental growth and improve mood and thinking, provide energy. In fact American Heart Association suggests eating at least 2 proportions of fish per week.

But latest study has revealed something totally opposite. The new study has revealed opposite facts about fish oil supplements as these fatty acids are related to development of prostate cancer in men. The answer is still unknown that why fish oil cause prostate cancer. 

Do remember study does not warn us against eating salmon, in fact it forbids us from eating its supplements. It’s not that omega 3 fatty acids are harmful but that the fatty acids may have more complex effects on a man’s body. You might not feel like taking fish oil is putting a gun on your head. You should only moderate your intake of fatty fish supplements


Fish is supposed to be the healthiest food as it contains long chains of fatty acids which are essential for health of human beings. Omega 3 fatty acids are best for health as it is anti-inflammatory in nature and provides energy and strengthen brain.

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