Trio of Exercises for Muscle Addition

There is an urge to add more muscle to the body on the part of people who do not fall in the macho category. Previously it was the macho chaps who would sweat it out in the Gym to look muscular and attain a level of superb fitness but now men and women of every walk of life and every stage of the age graph feel the necessity for acquiring lean mass.

The realization has dawned on them that burning of more calories is directly linked to getting rid of fat with other benefits like balanced blood pressure and good bone density also coming their way along with the youthful touch and feeling.

In this connection a lot of questions are asked from experts about exercises to be followed and while there are multiple choices of exercises available, the following three are recommended along with techniques to be applied.

Leg Press

A good exercise is squats and also recommended is leg press as per procedure spelt out here. Move the empty sled of a leg press to the top of its range and lock it into position with the safety stops. Load the press with double what you would normally press or triple what you would normally squat.

Sit in the leg press machine and adjust the seat so your legs are within two or three inches of full extension. Press the sled up and try to hold it motionless for 5 seconds. Do not lock out – force your leg muscles to do the work.


Lower back muscles are normally strong so use them for lifting hundreds of pounds but to get maximum benefit it is best to limit the range of motion to the top portion of the movement. That way you can use more weight.

Place the barbell in a power rack or on a Smith machine so that it rests just above your knees. Load the bar with 150% to 200% more weight than you would normally use on your full range deadlift. Using an overhand, shoulder-width grip lift the bar about 3 inches off the rack and hold it for 5 seconds. Keep your back straight and head up.

Barbell Shrugs

Use the option of an overhand grip on the bar and lift it off the rack. Let the weight hang from your straight arms. Do not let the elbows bend. To attain maximum growth stimulation use more weight and let there be less range of motion. The 5 hold will serve as your guide as to whether the weight is heavy enough.

These three great exercises will not only add new muscle to the target muscle groups, they are demanding enough to trigger your body’s systemic anabolic state.

Here's a list of the three best weight training exercises for each muscle group.

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