Trends to Watch in men’s Watches

For men watches are a must have accessory hence they need to know what is in fashion and what’s not.

We’ve all heard that watch is the sole most significant accessory for a man. It may appear that many men know this since almost every guy has a watch on his hand, but for watches to be considered fashion accessory watches must be not only functional but also fashionable and in style.

The Pakistani fashion for men is big watches, both in size and in shape. This Pakistani fashion will surely continue as everyone is picking up on this trend. Every celebrity recently is also picking up this Pakistani fashion. Also popular watches Pakistani fashions are larger numbers on dials.

Hot Pakistani fashion in watches styling and design are retro looks in barrel shape and TV screen shape, and most of all in geometric rectangular shaped case. Of course round look still dominate in casual class. Slim watches are also inn in Pakistani fashion.

The most sought after watches trends in Pakistani fashion is dressy watches this year are classic retro looks with mechanical movements.

Popular combination in materials remains steel and diamonds, but gold is recurring to its supremacy among finer brands. Hot new material is titanium in Pakistani fashion. Trends in bracelet materials are towards leather and some new exotic materials in casual styles in Pakistani fashion. Stainless steel and gold is still popular in dressy styles in Pakistani fashion, but with ever growing popularity of vintage watches leather bracelets now dominate not only in casual designs but also in classic designs. Leather band watches with wide leather bands are also very popular casual looks these days in Pakistani fashion.


For men watches are a must have accessory hence they need to know what is in fashion and what’s not.

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