Treadmill Mistakes That Mess With Your Workout

Treadmill offers you a great workout without going outside the home. Sometimes it is impossible for runners to go outside due to cold weather or any other reason. At that time, treadmill works as their best friend.

Some people make mistakes while run on treadmill and mess their workout. They make many blunders and don’t even know about the mistakes they make. You must know about the blunders you make while hit treadmill. Avoid these mistakes and get effective consequences of your workout on treadmill.


It is not possible to run without holding the rails of treadmill. Holding treadmill’s rails seems like safety measures but your workout will suffer. When you hold rails, you are not using your legs to hold your weight up. Arms are key to great workout. If you are not using your legs for running by holding rails of treadmill, your heart beat rate is not getting up.

This way, the chance of burning of calories also decreases and your workout will not offer you desired results. This can be the biggest mistake to hold on rails of treadmill while running. Try to keep the speed minimum on which you don’t have to hold rails of treadmill until you get expert.


Running on treadmill does not mean just walk on it. You have to push yourself on treadmill. You will not get desired result of workout until your heart rate is high and heart beat rate can also be increase when you do effort to push yourself. Just walking casually on treadmill is not enough.


One of biggest mistakes you make on treadmill is less or no concentration on workout. Don’t concentrate on music or your favorite TV show while running. The TV in front of you in home is easy to lose track of your intensity and pace as your attention diverts. Instead of focusing on exercise and really being present, you would not achieve scoring benefits. If you are zoning out, you are doing blunders with your workout by increasing incline.


Variations are necessary in everything. Same task daily does not give effective results. So make changes by making differences in intensity, speed and incline. You can make changes by trying a longer and slower run one day and shorter and faster run on other day.

Warm up

People forget warm up before and after running on treadmill. Sometimes, you just hop on treadmill by skipping warm ups. Warm ups are very necessary to prepare body to run. Skipping warm up can lead to injuries and pains.  To do warm up, you don’t need to spend lot of time and passive stretch. Spend five to seven minutes before and after running. Warm up can include toe touches, hip circles and many others.


Proper walking posture for treadmill is upright. Leaning forward and backward are not right posture for walking. To get you in right posture, first step on non moving treadmill and tuck in your butt. Tilt your pelvis slightly forward. Feel good and straight. Don’t bend your body. Every time keep a check on your posture when change your pace and incline.

Treadmill offers your great workout at home. Walking on treadmill seems to be easy but do you know that you are making mistakes as you run on the treadmill and these mistakes are messing with your workout? To get great workout, it is vital to know about t

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