Tradition meets Fashion: Keffiyeh

Keffiyeh is the greatest example of fashion-ising necessity. Find out more how this Arabic headdress has now become a men’s fashion trend’s hype.

Keffiyeh/Shemugh or Kufiya is pronounced as kuffiyah, is a traditional square shaped headdress with check pattern worn by the Arab males which made out of cotton or wool. Initially Arab men wore it to cover their head and face when they were out in the desert although they never knew that one day Keffiyeh will be so popular in men’s fashion accessories.

Keffiyeh has a long history behind it and it has traveled a long way before reaching the western Men’s fashion trends. Many famous celebrities have worn Keffiyeh and made it trendy in men’s fashion accessories. China is now the leading manufacturer of Keffiyeh so much so that Palestinians, who believe Keffiyeh to be their identity, tend to import it from China.

It is believed that Keffiyeh was introduced in USA as a fashion accessory way back in 1980’s by the hipsters. Keffiyeh has been a controversial men’s fashion accessory but still it managed to mark its place in men’s fashion trends successfully. Keffiyeh is now available in several bold colors like orange, red, blue, black etc. You can choose Keffiyeh in any color according to your choice and add some style to your casual jeans and T-shirt outfit.

There are several methods of wearing a Keffiyeh:

  • Fold the scarf into a diagonal and place it on your head so that two points touch your shoulders and one touches your back. Then place that round black ring which Arab men wear to hold it in place
  • Another way could be to wear Keffiyeh as a bandana on your head
  • You can also just fold the Keffiyeh into a diagonal and drape it around your neck as a fashion accessory for a funky look with casual wear.
  • You can also fold Keffiyeh into a triangle, put it around your neck and tie the ends on the back or the side.

Experimenting with how to wear a Keffiyeh depends on your fashion sense all you got to know is that Keffiyeh is a la mode in men’s fashion trends. So if you are a enthusiast of men’s fashion accessories and want to give that casual look a bit funky one; get a bold colored Keffiyeh, wrap it around your neck and there you go!

Keffiyeh is the greatest example of fashion-ising necessity. Find out more how this Arabic headdress has now become a men's fashion trend's hype.

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