This New Natural Testosterone Booster Has Men Everywhere Raving

Most of us know about testosterone, for those who don’t, it is a basic hormone in human body which is there to optimize the number of required after traits mostly in men. Testosterone has nothing to do with the general behavior of a person, many people out there think that the people with more testosterone level are more aggressive in nature, have anger issues, create violence and are even involved in general acts of douche-baggery.  

Well all of that is not right, people who have a high testosterone level are the ones who have a balanced body and take a healthy diet. Testosterone does not only cater with only the sex organs and metabolism but also with the bone loss and other bodily functions which are very essential for everyday performance

Most of the people suffering with low testosterone level are seen to use medicines and steroids to tackle the problem but that in return causes more problems in some cases. Having a low testosterone level is not a medical problem or any disability; it has more to do with your own routine.  The patterns of daily exercise, sleeping habits, stress and obesity are seen to affect hormone levels of testosterone.

A person’s blood contains two types of testosterone. One type is the bonded testosterone and the other is free testosterone. Bonded testosterone join to molecules in the body and is mostly ineffective. Nevertheless, free testosterone can enter your cells effortlessly and plays a vital role in strength, stamina, and vitality, which are important to men in most cases.

How to get the testosterone level back to normal is the question we have in our minds? Well, the solution to this problem is not very hard if you are determined and really need to get rid of your bad performance:

Manage your weight

You should not ignore the fact that if you see something going wrong with your weight, there must be something wrong with your routine or your diet. This goes with both, increase or decrease in the weight. Consult your doctor is the change is drastic. 

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is something which is mandatory for keeping yourself fit, regardless of the type of fitness you need. Exercise is healthy in all aspects and increases the performance of your body and mind. 

Do exercise but don’t over train because that is again harmful for the hormones.

Lifestyle Changes

Get full night sleep for 7 to 8 hours and that too in the sleeping hours. Sleeping on time is one of the most important things. 

Be more active, walk and move around as much as you can. That will help you stay active and reduce your weight. 

Manage your sexual appetite.

Testosterone is like a fuel to human body which serves as a sex drive and if you consume more of it, you’ll have more testosterone. So, having more sex, means more testosterone level. 

Don’t consume alcohol

Numerous researchers have shown that alcohol consumption reduces the testosterone levels for up to 24 hours, which is a lot. It also increases cortisol and lowers growth hormone levels as well.

Eat healthy 

Like exercise, eating habits also play a vital role in a person’s health. Specifically in balancing the hormone levels and help him stay fit when it comes to testosterone levels.

  • Consume ‘healthy’ fats, avocados, peanuts and oily fish –help body maintain protein.  
  • Eat eggs, they improve levels of healthy HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol. 
  • Eat organic food whenever possible.

Get some sun

Sounds weird, but yes! Sunlight actually increases your testosterone level by 120 percent if you just sit in the sun just for 15 to 20 minutes. This is said by a research done by Boston State Hospital in the US. It also states that if you directly expose your genital skin to the sun the level increases by 200 percent. Since sunlight is also a source of vitamin D. So start to figure out a place where you can do that maintaining your privacy.

Just manage your weight, exercise regularly, change lifestyle, manage your sexual appetite, don’t consume alcohol, eat healthy and get some sun.

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