Socks Debate: To Wear or Not to Wear?

Socks that were once used only for the purposes of keeping one’s feet warm are now used as fashion entities. You are likely to find thousands attractive women and men socks in the markets. Since men and women are equally careful about latest trends and fashions there are designers and companies who have designed women and men stylish socks so that none of them feels left out. These women and men stylish socks especially men socks are subject to some controversy since fashion is an individual and subjective subject. You may not agree to my view point while I might not agree to yours since we have different tastes and admirations. The controversy these men socks are subject to is whether men should wear socks or not and at what places should these men stylish socks and even random men socks should be worn.

The most famous men stylish socks designer company is Stanley lewis. The famous thing about this brand’s men stylish socks is the use of the color orange at the heels which is used extremely creatively in each pair around the heel. Stanley Lewis can offer a wide range of socks in a wide variety of colors including the most unpredictable ones like pink, green, red, purple, yellow etc and in different designs. This is why their men socks are known as luxury socks.

However The Debate Stays There!

Since this debate on men stylish socks and even random and simple men socks is quite heated and men are eager to know what fashion or trend they should follow, various men styling experts have intertwined into the matter and have given their expert opinion on the subject.

They say that men should wear men stylish socks or simple men socks when they cannot go out bare due to cold weather. In this case they can go for any men stylish socks that they think will go with their trousers. You can go for those men socks which have colorful patterns on them so that you do not get bored of the whole idea of socks and they do not look negated in your whole look. You can go for men stylish socks of any designs or patterns that appeals to you since at the end of the day you will be the one who will be pleased to see them. Secondly wear socks of you exercising to avoid blisters.

About when to avoid men socks and even men stylish socks experts say that you are certainly going to wear them under sandals. They look odd.  Do not wear socks under your smartly tailored pants. Men socks and men stylish socks are to be avoided if you are out for relaxing on a beach or something since with socks on you will not enjoy the beauty of the beach or wherever you are. Lastly as quite understood do not wear socks when it is too hot or you can manage to go out without them.

The trend for socks dates back to ancient times when people used them for keeping their feet warm (which is still a purpose). However gradually trends changed and socks began to be used for fashion purposes. Now days there are a range of attractive women

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