Radiation Proof Suits

After the ‘First Man on the moon’ incident, it stirred up many unique ideas in human minds and paved way for millions of incredible inventions. It can be rightly said that ‘what he sought, he got’. He wanted to fly, he invented the plane; his desire for long distance communications got well settled through devices like telephones, mobiles, even internet. And the list goes on. Ever considered man would actually be able to create a suit with built-in radiation protection system?

Well, if you didn’t, Tailors Douglas & Grahame did. Apparently, they are attempting to fill the market with an incredible and fashionably cut suit with in-built radiation protection system.

The suit although, looks a lot like a normal gents wear and can be easily dry cleaned and tastefully put on to significant business meetings. At the same time the suit benefits the very person by protecting him from the everyday electromagnetic waves sent off either by mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, WiFi and laptops.

Designed for the more obsessed types, the suit also contains a fine metal cage interlaced with the natural fibers to prevent any possible radiation whilst making sure reception on whatever devices that person is using is not at all effected in any way.

Radiation Proof Suits designed by Douglas & Grahame is an incredible and fashionably cut suit with in-built radiation protection system

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