Optimal Post Workout Nutrition

What you eat is very important and has a great influence on your health. Daily physical activities burn your calories but also cause damage to your health as well. To avoid this damage, you need to take perfect diet and optimal post workout nutrition. Athletes and body builders need nutrition to decrease protein breakout during their workout.

The nutrients after workout can improve your body composition and performance. Post workout nutrition can replenish your glycogen, improve your protein breakdown and maintain energy level. Here is optimal post workout nutrition for you to remain fit and healthy after workout.

Fruit smoothie:

Fruits have vitamins in excess that can make us healthy and strong. After workout, you can take fruits smoothie that is in liquid form and hence can be digested easily. You can blend some fruits along with yogurt or milk that is delicious as well. Bananas have potassium in plenty that is beneficial for muscles.

Chocolate Milk:

Pre-formulated, protein fortified, low fat and delicious chocolate milk is the optimal post workout nutrition drink that keeps you energetic in all ways. This drink can recover all your essential vitamins and minerals in a tasty way.

Spinach Omelet:

Spinach is the best vegetable and full of iron that speeds up human muscles growth. Egg white has protein in excess and protein is the best nutrient after workout. So make an omelet of egg white and spinach to increase the efficiency and growth of your body after workout.

Cereals and Skim Milk:

Cereals are full of proteins and minerals that are best optimal post workout nutrition for your body. And skim milk on the other side, a best sports drink for recovery after exercise. You can mix cereals with milk and enjoy getting benefit of two in one.

Mashed potatoes and Salads:

You can mix mashed potatoes with salmon to get protein and omega 3-s. This will give your body glucose, vitamins and minerals altogether. Moreover, fruit and vegetable salads are also full of vitamins that help you to remain healthy after workout.

Tuna and whole wheat crackers:

For men, Tuna and whole wheat crackers are optimal post workout snacks. Tuna is low in fat but full of protein and crackers are crunchy with good taste that is source of energy as well.

Dried fruits and nuts:

Dried fruits and nuts are another best source of minerals and proteins. You can carry them with you on in a plastic bag and eat as optimal post workout nutrition. Dried fruits and nuts will give you a quick injection of carbohydrates and a healthy dose of protein after workout. The nuts are easy to digest and will replenish your muscle glycogen as well.


Hummus is a great alternative of meat and an excellent source of protein and crabs. For optimal post workout nutrition, combine hummus with a whole grain-pita.

Toasted whole wheat bagel with almond butter: Almond butter is full of minerals like potassium, and maintains muscles contractions. Almond is also good for our nervous system and help in remembering things. Toasted whole wheat bagel with almond butter is the optimal post workout nutrition.

Chicken Stir-fry:

Those who are fond of chicken can get excellent lean protein and other important nutrients like niacin, vitamin B and carbohydrate metabolism through it. You can eat stir fry chicken with brown rice after workout to restore your energy. Brown rice is healthier than white rice so go for brown instead of white rice. You can add different veggies in the chicken for your flavor.

These were the optimal post work nutrients that can help you to restore your energy after workout, so do eat the meal that is good for your health.

Working-out intensely can cause tissue damage at micro level. To avoid this damage, you need optimal post workout nutrition for your better health and fitness.

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