Foldylock Folding Bike Lock Is A Smart And Practical Design

Bicycle is the great mode of transportation but people who own bicycle often have fear of theft. No one has positive experience with bike locks. U-locks are big, difficult to carry and hard to tame. It is hard to find a lock that will satisfy you and your needs nowadays. No secure lock is invented by technological advances which can protect bike.

There are reliable locks in market but are very expensive and unfashionable.Foldylock is innovative security lock that will not let thieves to steal your two wheeled companion.Foldylock is not like U-locks and flexible cable locks that are not protective for keeping a bicycle tethered to particular place. It provides extremely strong protection against bike thieves.Foldylock is made on the pattern of highest locking standards which are being used in market nowadays.

Foldylock is equipped with six hardened metal links instead of single length of steel like U-lock. During riding, to carry lock can be hassle. Luckily, foldylock is designed in a way that it can solve your this problem of carrying lock. These six hardened steel links are attached with moveable rivets on each end. Moveable steel links allow it to fold up in small and portable case. Six sided lock can be changed into desired shape for a convenient fit.

The six sided lock make it strong enough to resist thief attempts. The Foldylock is coated with plastic to protect your expensive aluminum bike frame from scratches. Its weight is 3.3 pounds. The added level of security features anti-drilling rivets. Now it would be challenge for would be thief who dare to break them up by drilling.

When you are not using foldylock, it can be unfolded to less than six inches in length and can be mounted in the place of bottle holder along with its own case. When not in use,it can be easily carried in designated case.The case has a rattle free mechanism that will prevent your lock from shaking while you are riding. Every part offoldylock is made of materials which are rust free. All the rivets are designed by using VSR’s rivet technology so that no thief can dare to steal the bike even by drilling. In short, Foldylock is small, portable and mounts to your bike with the existing water bottle spot on your bike.

In this era of competition, quality and fashion matters a lot when it comes to lifestyle. Foldylock fulfills your both demands of quality and fashion in reasonable price. It is a quality lock which is designed elegantly by using highest security standards currently used in market. This is the best quality lock and more flexible than other folding locks available in market.

The foldylock is smart and practical design which meets your needs of bike security with smart and elegant design. The foldylock is collecting goals on Kickstarter. The foldylock also pledges to reserve a unit starts at eighty dollars. With its outstanding features, foldylock is your bike’s friendly and will surely become your favorite bike lock.

Foldylock is a small, portable and practical gadget that is especially designed for the owners of bikes and bicycles who often face the fear of theft of bike too often. It is different from other commonly used bike folding locks. What are the characterist

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