Eyebrow Maintenance for Men

Usually, eyebrow maintenance is associated with females but males cannot ignore the importance of eyebrow care. That is why every man who wants to be attractive and look appealing should give importance to eyebrow grooming in the same way he gives importance to styling his hair. Eyebrow care gives a polished, healthy and well groomed look to men as eyebrows play a very important role in framing your whole face.

One very important thing to mention here is that male eyebrow grooming concept is very different from female eyebrow maintenance. The biggest difference is that men need to maintain a natural look while shaping and grooming their eyebrows. Most women believe that no man would look good with perfect and sharp eyebrows. But on the other hand, they are attracted towards a male who has given time to his personality and face.

So the challenge for men in case of eyebrow care is to keep them natural and avoid a girlish look. Hence, it is better to take help from a professional if you are touching your eyebrows for the first time and you have heavy and bushy eyebrows.

Eyebrow maintenance guide for men

Men can also maintain their eyebrows themselves to achieve a natural style with a well polished and groomed look. Here are a few tips which can act as an eyebrow maintenance guide for men.

1. Monobrow always need grooming

So if you have a unibrow, you cannot avoid eyebrow maintenance. Getting rid of a unibrow is usually the first step for men who are interested in eyebrow grooming. Most men have stray hair in the center of their eyebrows which gives an untidy look to their personality. So pluck them or wax them to get rid of amonobrow.

2. Comb and trim

As mentioned before, men need to have a natural look so they cannot remove all the hair from the sides of their main eyebrow lines. If you do not have very thick and bushy eyebrows, you just need some trimming of long eyebrow hair. Just comb your eyebrows upward and trim all long hair with a pair of scissor. It is better to use an eyelash comb.

3. Hair plucking

Avoid hair plucking from your eyebrows as much as possible, especially from under your eyebrows. This gives a very sharp and unnatural look. After trimming, if you find some hair above your eyebrow which show visible distraction, simply pluck them with a pair of tweezers.

4. Either wax, tweeze or razor

This is also very important to know whether one should go for wax or tweezing when you are handling the eyebrows yourself. If your natural eyebrows are thin with very less stray hair, go for tweezing but if you have bushy and thick eyebrows, wax is a better option but again take help from a professional if you don’t have experience with wax before. And it is strictly recommended never touse razor for your eyebrow hair. It is too risky and always results in thicker hair growth.

The points mentioned above are a perfect eyebrow maintenance guide for men. By simply following them, one can easily achieve a healthy and active impression.

Eyebrow maintenance for men is as important as it is for women. Men need to give time to eyebrow care for a healthy and well groomed look. Read on for our eyebrow maintenance guide for men to achieve a healthy and appealing look.

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