Classic Aftershaves For Men

Shaving has become one of the necessities of men’s life. The use of aftershave is as old as shaving itself. Men use aftershave which usually contains antiseptic agents to prevent skin from infections, a perfume and moisturizer also to keep the skin soft. Some people are so habitual of using aftershave so that they even can’t step out without using it.

Aftershave is one of the parts of men’s grooming. After so many advancements in the field of fashion, most of the men still rely on classic aftershaves. The most commonly used classic aftershaves are Aqua Velva, old spice, English leather, Bay rum and pinaud clubman. These all aftershaves are good old fashioned empiricism that you must try.

Pinaud Clubman:

Pinaud clubman is the oldest mostly used classic aftershave. With a wide range of men’s grooming products, Pinaud Clubman has been aiding the world to smell well. This aftershave has hints of orange, lavender, lemon and jasmine along with nice antiseptic alcohol scent.

Old spice:

Old spice is another classic aftershave which has a nice spicy scent as its name suggests. Old spice has overpowering smell of cinnamon. With passing time as it fades, it leaves a pleasant cedar wood scent with musk. It has been sold in iconic buoy shaped bottle since 1938.

English Leather:

The use of English leather started in 1949 and does not change much now. The same bottle structure which is rectangle, same formula and same ingredients. Its fragrance is simply prettier with citrusy scent. This citrusy scent lowly fades to a woodsy leather scent. After applying, it smells like baby powder which is really very sweet. This aftershave was also used as gifts in old times. 

Aqua Velva:

Aqua Velva began as mouthwash for men in 1929. In 1940’s, it became popular as aftershave. Aqua Velva leaves a nice masculine scent of menthol. It also contains hints of vanilla, lavender and oak moss. The fragrance of Aqua Velva is potent initially after applying which fades to a pleasant masculine oak moss smell immediately. 


The Brut was marketed in 1963 as luxury scent. Its tagline Essence of Man is the main reason behind the popularity of brut. It’s a sort of aggressive scent. The scent of brut is the combination of dashes of sandal wood, lavender, jasmine and oak moss. 

Bay rum:

Bay rum gives the nice smell of leaves and berries. It also includes hints of citrus and spice oils of clove and cinnamon. West Indies bay leaf spices and Jamaican rum combine to give the bay rum fragrance its distinctive sweet and spicy scent.


Stetson Company entered in men’s fragrance business in 1988. It has leathery, woodsy and even musk scent. It is light having flowery fragrance with hints of jasmine, citrus and lavender. It is different from other classic aftershaves because of its flowery fragrance. 

Try one of abovementioned classic aftershaves to have soft and smooth skin without any fear of skin damaging. These are classy but have modern effect.

Here is a list of most popular classic aftershaves for you so that you can choose the best one for you. These aftershaves will turn you in modern person with smooth and soft skin without peeling it off.

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