Yellow and Green Home Decor Trend 2013

Its New Year, new season, new fashion and new trends so it is also time that you should give your lovely home a lovely new look according to the home décor trend 2013. Now you must be wondering that what is the new home décor trend 2013, what does it include, what styles and which colors? Worry not my fellow friends as this is the perfect place for you to find about the latest home décor trend 2013 and some new home décor tips.

This year everything in the home décor trend 2013 is revolving around green and yellow and emerald green is being considered as the most popular color this season.

So let us start on the home décor tips of the latest home décor trend 2013.

Home Décor Tips for 2013:

  • Home décor trend 2013 has brought the colors green and yellow in the spot light. So you might want to stay along the shades of yellow and green this year.

  • The color green brings us to close to the nature and it’s quite refreshing as well. You can use green color either as base or use yellow as base and highlight the room with green color accessories.

  • First comes the home décor tips for the walls of your home. Depending on your mood you can yellow or green paint on the walls. My suggestion would to use lighter shades as they will reflect the light and make your room look brighter.

  • If you are going for green paint then choose yellow accessories or the other way around in such a way that these two colors should complement each other. You can also use some decent wallpaper if you are not in a mood of painting the walls. For example if your wall is dark green or a shade of emerald green then go with accessories like a golden lamp or vase with attracting yellow flowers.

  • If your wall is yellow then you also get the option of adding lush green house plants following the home décor trend 2013 or vice versa meaning that with green as base you can use yellow flowery plants to compliment your wall.

  • Emerald green is the popular color of the home décor trend 2013 so you can go for all sorts of accessories with this color including vases, cushions, photo frames, lamps or even glasses or plates which you can place them on display in your kitchen.

  • Paintings or wall art is another of those accessories without which the home décor tips are incomplete. A nice yellow one green with a combination of white as white will go with both colors.

  • Instead of going for green or yellow colors on your wall, you can go on white as it will bring maximum amount brightness in the house. As for the two trendy colors yellow and green from latest home décor trend 2013 you can use these on furniture. Cushions, sofa, bed sheets, curtains, anything which comes into your mind.

  • Few more home décor tips are related to your home accessories. You can use the combination of yellow white or green white, on bed sheets, wall art patterns or textures or curtains.

  • You can also use these two colors of home décor trend 2013 in the bathroom. The shower curtains, soap or soap holder, towels or even laundry basket. Just use your creativity and imagination to create your own home décor designs using the home décor tips of home décor trend 2013.

New Year has come with new trend for everything including some latest home decor trend 2013. So if you are thinking of giving your home a new look then you better check these home decor tips and the new home decor trend 2013.

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