Workout: Slow and Steady Wins the Race


Having an attractive body is the dream of many. But very few are able to achieve their desired figure to lack of consistency.

Looking smart and attractive is desired by almost everyone, but not everyone is able to achieve desired figure. Many may start an aggressive workout but the problem is that they are unable to maintain their pace and consistency. Consistency in workout is the basic requirement which people need to fulfill in order to have a healthy physique.

Here are few goals to make your focused and consistent. These points are very important for a person willing to exercise, be it of any sort (to gain body mass or reduce fats).

  1. Set your goals properly and work on them in a focused manner. For example, first try to determine why you are doing a workout; to build muscles or to lose weight or to tone and give your body a shape etc. All this must be well defined so that the workouts are planned according to each of these goals.
  2. Select a good trainer or an instructor. It is not necessary that an instructor should be a human being; it can also be a training book or an online guide. But it should be chosen very carefully and according to the goals that you have set up. Furthermore, a good instructor helps in working out effectively and efficiently.
  3. Make a workout journal. This is quite a task for many people as they are not very comfortable in taking a notebook with them to a gym but it is very effective and helpful. It helps in keeping a good record of all the things that happen during the workout, the kinds of exercises you are doing, the number of hours you are working out etc.
  4. Be patient. It is a very important point to learn before you start a good workout. It should be remembered that all these statements, “loose 20 kilos in 20 days” etc are completely useless. If someone wants to lose weight actually then he/she has to be patient and learn gradually that weight cannot be lost over-night. It is a slow and a gradual process and it needs consistency, therefore, patience plays a very important role in workout regime.

Hope these points will help you improve your workout.

Having an attractive body is the dream of many. But very few are able to achieve their desired figure to lack of consistency.

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