When Toddlers Bite

 Biting is a normal part of childhood development. Many toddlers go through this stage. The biting stage is vital to discourage in early stage otherwise this habit can strengthen with time and it would be harder to stop biting. Biting is not a serious problem and it is a normal toddler behavior which can be prevented by the time with some effort. You need to understand the reasons and prevention tips to stop biting habits in your baby. 

Toddler bites sometime intentionally and sometime are not intentionally. You must know the reasons why toddlers pass from this biting stage.  They bite when they are going from the process of teething. They bite to relieve the pain and swollen gums. They take everything to mouth in the exploration of things. They bite their mothers or other family members to hair surprised exclamation but they don’t realize how painful it is. Sometime they bite to get attention.
Prevent the biting habit by following some valuable tips in your toddler.  The first and foremost thing to prevent biting is fulfilling primary needs including care, love, nurturance, attention and strong bonding. There is no need to scold a child or need to worry. This habit can be eliminated with time. 
If your baby is teething make sure to have soft and clean teething ring which he can use to relieve gums pain or swallow. In this way, he will be less likely to involve in biting others. When toddler biting habit is in early stage, a swift, clear, caring and physical response from you will prohibit him to repeat this habit. 
Biting also results when children try to explore the things by tasting and biting. It becomes a social problem when they begin to bite other children or anyone else. Discourage this habit by stopping him with love. Use other alternatives and allow them to play with new things and toys of their interest. 
Toddlers express their anger by biting others. A toddler in anger and frustration does not have a rich language and use his body and biting to express his feelings. It is necessary to keep the toddlers calm and polite. Avoid the situation in which toddler get irritable enough to start biting. Sometimes when you see your baby is in bad mood try to keep him calm with loving words. 
Give your toddler enough time. They need your attention and affection. When they feel depriving of attention they try to adopt harsh behavior and bad habit of biting. Give your baby enough time throughout the day so he does not develop biting habit. Your child needs your extra attention when he is passing from some important changes in life. First five years contribute a lot in better development of child. Strengthen your toddler’s ability to feel your attention and love. The special care and time will really work. 
Biting also signalize that toddler is growing up now. There are occurring changes in his physical and mental growth. They show this behavior to tell you they need to be hearing. They want someone special to listen to them lovingly. Try to listen to your toddler and in this way you can eliminate biting habit in your baby. 

Biting habit of the toddlers can be eliminated with time as biting is normal part of childhood development. Every toddler passes from this stage. It is vital to prevent biting habit as early as possible before it is too late.

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