When Children View Pornography – Parenting Guide to a Child

It is the most charming time of your life when you become a parent, but this happiness comes with a great sense of responsibility for both the life partners. It is usually said that the real importance of our parents is discovered when we ourselves become one.

This is due to the fact that we realize how our parents struggled, and what they actually went through to bring up children like us, because when kids grow up, they observe the world around them more curiously than you, owing to the inquisitive nature children exhibit. Hence, this inquisition needs to be monitored especially when you give them android phones, tablets and laptops at the age before maturity.

Today’s generation has more knowledge about the latest technology than you; even if they do not have computers at home their friends can teach them how to manipulate such devices. As you are well aware of the element that easy internet access can lead to deterioration of innocent minds, they can access pornography without even realizing that it is bad or good to view.

But, if they use internet at their free will, then it is your responsibility to teach them as sensible parents and take certain precautions for bringing up the offspring in the most diligent manner.

Set filters in your television as well as computers

child control

Pornography is a kind of media, which is absolutely harmful for any human being. It can destroy the minds of young ones up to a great extent and the result will be a regretful future.  If you are aware of this fact, then definitely take measures to prevent your children to access it at your home by applying filters for certain television channels, or there are filters available in the market which doesn’t allow the provocative content to be displayed on your TV. Along with that, you can put filters in your PCs or simply block the 18+ websites.

Alert them as they become teens


Teenagers have greater chances to indulge in the act of viewing porn; usually the boys are in to such stuff as they get addicted to evil acts in their teens, quite easily affected by their surroundings. Thus, one of the proper ways is to educate them about sexuality, and viewing porn.

This might be difficult for some of the parents to deliver, but accept the fact that how important it is to discuss such issues and develop the sense of good and bad in your children. Tell them that this act is unethical because the God has forbidden it for us.


There are many reasons behind forbidding the act of watching porn, for instance this can affect the later married life, or the fashion of sex among teenagers in the western world is quite significant, therefore kids can be ruined by such things and can try to perform the stuff they see in the X-rated movies, this will finish the sense of pious relationship of marriage, resulting in the increased divorce rate and destroying the further generation by teaching them the same.

Hence, enlightening them in this regard can develop them in to good human beings with clean minds and happy hearts.

Investigate them from time to time


Your job is not yet accomplished as; some of the children might be indulged in to the act of viewing pornography before you discussed it with them. They might feel offended when you prevent them, and continue to watch the 18+ content when you are away, because this is an addiction like alcohol or smoking. Therefore, discuss their routine that what have they done throughout the day. Have they analyzed their behaviors, have they committed any unethical act which they shouldn’t have done. This will built a healthy understanding between you and your kids, and they will become honest in their lives.


However, a simple way to avoid the little ones from watching porn is to make your children as full of activity as bees. When they will be occupied for most of their day, then they will definitely not think of indulging in to such acts of shame and disgust.

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