Weight Training


We generally observe that putting on weight is an easy task but when it comes to lose weight, it is really an uphill struggle.

For years women have been running after the perfect body by taking endless dance aerobics or step classes. Unfortunately and to their surprise, their bodies hardly ever change and mostly remain similar to how they look before they started. This doesn’t mean that their hard work was to no avail. They become much healthier and fitter, having built healthier hearts and lungs but their bodies are still not as toned as they would like.

When you want to achieve total body toning, perfect legs, shapely arms, tight abs and buts, alone is not enough. We often blame our exercise weight problems on a slothful metabolism but it is really our lack of muscle that is to blame. Moderate sleep and good exercise both add to immune function.

With weight training you can lose weight and inches, get a more shapely body and strong muscles that are difficult or impossible to get by dieting or from other exercise.

Weight training is the best way to develop muscle size. However, for a fit and defined body, you must also watch what you eat and also burn calories in endurance/aerobic exercise.

A combination of weight training, endurance exercise and proper diet will improve your fitness level and tone your body. Strength training doesn’t just burn calories, it increases your muscle mass, this helps you burn more calories all day long. Vigor training also gives you a curvier body, excellent posture, stronger bones as well as increased self-confidence because of the results gained.

One of the most important skills to acquire, but critical for achieving high levels of physical fitness, is mind control. Whether you want to succeed as an athlete or just to become physically fit with a toned body you must believe in yourself and your potential, have goals and know how to achieve these goals. This requires discipline and is an ongoing process. Exercise isn’t for few weeks or until you have lose weight. Exercise is for life and needs to be scheduled into your daily routine just like brushing your teeth.


We generally observe that putting on weight is an easy task but when it comes to lose weight, it is really an uphill struggle.

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