Top 5 Health Care Tips For This Ramadan

if you are an exercise-aholic, our health care tips wiil help you alot.. Optimize on the best month of the year to boost your energy with our special exercise tips for health care in Ramadan.

1.    Set Your Goals

For starters, your prime goal of health care in Ramadan should be to stay how you are. Put your intense workouts on a hold and focus on maintaining your physical fitness with our health care tips. Remember, your body is already reducing energy and calories during fast, therefore, you need to understand the signs of your body. This is one of the prime health care tips for you where you have to avoid over-charging your body.

As you focus on health care in Ramadan, simply remember to prevent going backwards to being overweight or underweight.

2.    Go Easy on Yourself

Ramadan is a wonderful opportunity to give yourself relaxation – both mental and physical. Remember to go easy on yourself! While health care in Ramadan should be your prime concern, you must reduce the intensity and duration of exercise in order to stay more consistent without over-taxing your body.

Few health care tips that can help you stay consistent include:

  • Cut down the duration of exercise from 60 minutes to 30 minutes or,
  • Simply switch to 30 – 45 minutes brisk walk or light jogging.

3.    Fine-tune Exercise Regimen

Because we frequently run out of energy reserve after a whole day of fasting, health care in Ramadan seems all the more challenging but with a little bit of planning and fine-tuning of your exercise with the help of our health care tips, you can feel active and on top of your game again.

  • Cardio-resistance circuit training: is a perfect way to boost your cardiovascular energy in a quick succession of 3-6 continuous exercises. Enhance your health care in Ramadan by adding:
  • 10 – 15 squats, lunges, pushups, bench dips and 1 minute of jogging and jumping in your exercise regimen.

4.    Fix a Routine

One of the very important health care tips in Ramadan is to fix your routine and find the time of day that best suits your convenience. Look for the time when you feel more energetic and fresh i.e. 30 minutes before sehri and after iftar. Whatever time of the day you choose, make sure exercise and its duration do not fatigue you.

While you fix your routine to maintain health care in Ramadan, it is important to bear in mind that you need to start slowly and give your body some time to adjust to change.

5.    Be Consistent

The key to attaining and maintaining health is to stick to the exercise routine you have chosen along with our health care tips in order to maximize its benefits.

With this blessed month just around the corner, many people, conscious of health care in Ramadan, wonder what the best way to keep going without disturbing their fitness program is. Well, here are the top 5 guaranteed health care tips that will keep you a

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