Tips on How to Improve your Learning During This Pandemic

2020 has seen everyone the world over live in quite unprecedented times.

The current pandemic has changed human interactions, interrupted businesses, and slowed down travel. Learning has not been spared.

The last couple of months have seen students schooling from home, as most countries struggle to get the pandemic under control.

Despite all the changes, your goal to perform well and graduate in the year, or years to come, are likely to have remained the same.

How can you ensure that this pandemic does not derail you? Here are some actionable tips on how you can improve your learning during this time.

1. Play Catch-Up

Even the brightest students fall behind from time to time. If this is the position you were in before school closure, you can get back on track.

While most schools have adopted some form of continuity through online learning, the learning schedule is much lighter. Social distancing rules also mean your social life is limited.

This means you have more time on your hands and fewer distractions than you usually have.

Therefore, you can use this time to catch up on the subjects you feel you have fallen behind. You will thus be caught up and ready to move at pace once school resumes.

2. Get Help

It’s true that you can achieve a lot through individual study. However, you might need help from time to time.

Do not shy away from requesting additional support from your instructors and even bright students in your class.

Tutors can also come in handy when you need more specialized or more involving support. Follow this link to look at a reputable tutoring site and some of the services you could benefit from.

Try and sort out any learning gaps as soon as you identify them. This ensures they do not snowball into larger, more complicated issues.

3. Create a Schedule

Without the strict schedule, you get when schools are in session, you might find yourself using your time ineffectively.

Poor time management means you will get less done, which does not advance your academic goals.

Instead, get ahead of it by creating a study schedule and sticking to it. Begin by outlining the days of the week and the different times of day, being sure to slot in breaks.

Once this is done, slot in all the times of day when you have virtual classes or lectures. You can then fill in the remaining time with revision, assignments, group discussions, and so on.

For this to be effective, try and start your day at the same time each day, and follow through with your schedule even on days you would rather do other things.

This level of discipline will also come in handy once schools open and you will be glad you set the pace.

4. Embrace Group Work- Virtually Off Course!

Studying in groups is an excellent way to break the monotony and remain motivated.

Similarly, explaining a concept to your group mates helps other students understand concepts and helps you engage with ideas more deeply as well. This helps enhance your own understanding.

Groups also function as accountability tools. While it’s easy to skip your study session, skipping a group session is slightly harder.

5. Leverage Technology

Understandably, you will get bored with individual study at some point.

Luckily, you have the technology to help you out. Instead of limiting yourself to textbooks and search engine content, try other engaging means of learning.

Find out if the classes you are studying have gamification options or simulations.

As these offer the opportunity to learn more interactively. Most students find that this helps them explore more content for longer, as well as internalize it better.

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