Take Care of Your Health in Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of blessings. It involves fasting for the whole day so it changes the schedule. The sehri and Aftar diets and their timing definitely effects the human body. so it matters what you eat in sehri and what you consume in Aftar and what are their effects on your health. Let’s take a brief look on all the do’s and don’ts health care in Ramadan.

Only few people in this world can say that they are fully health and since needs no Health care tips to keep this track on .All of us on this planet of earth have to take care of ourselves and in the particular if there is the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan involves fasting means keeping your self hungry for the whole day except the 2 times of taking diet in sehri and Aftar.

These surely have impacts on our stomach and we can avail this opportunity of Ramadan if we follow some health care tips in Ramadan. Following Health care tips not only in Ramadan but through out the year helps keeps us healthy and smart. Lets have a look on some easy to act health care tips for Ramadan. If you to be energetic during fasting then here is the health care tip for it take slow digestible food in sehri which includes rice ,breads ,noodles with some vegetables and pasta ,yup it’s the most exciting and easy way to get energy in your desirable way.

Since the above food have lots of carbohydrates which are slow digestible and remains in the stomach for the whole day.

And yes by taking this you will not feel hungry and low. If you want not to feel very thirsty in the Ramadan days then here is the key health care tip that you can follow which is add some rose water in your drink(weather it is water or some cold drink) about 2 to 3 table spoon and then enjoy the sizzling taste .Rose water acts as tonic for stomach and it keeps it moist for hours. Drink with few drops of rose water can keep thirst away. Thank us for this precious health care tip in Ramadan.

Many people believe that having taken the most heaviest oily diet is the key way to be active and responsive in Ramadan which is totally wrong. Oily and fatty diets which includes spicy Pakistani cuisine can give you taste but not energy. Avoid fatty oily diet in sehri and Aftar and replace it with fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are the God’s most cherish able blessing since they give you pure energy along with minerals that are atleast not available in junk foods.

Dates are the best way for proteins and carbohydrates carrots are the best source of vitamin c and grabs are also the best generators of natural minerals. An easy health care tip to be act on in Ramadan .Follow our these health tips to use fruits in efficient way. Make fruit chart along with many fruits of your choice available disolve some sugar in the water and pour it in your fruit chart another most followed health tip in Ramadan is using dates in your way which can be using them as plain or with rich cream.

Believe us the above fruit diet will not only keeps you smart but also energetic and active in Ramadan. We hope that these fruit diets will also reduce some of your health problems also like weak eye side ,head aches and stomach pains. After giving you some useful health care tips for Ramadan lets counter some common health problems in Ramadan. If you have head aches during fasting then take vitamins supplements and salty diet in sehri and Aftar since it may be because of low blood pressure.

If you often vomit during fast then take lemon drinks along with other acidity drinks since it may be due to acidity in stomach which can be controlled through following above health care tips for Ramadan. We hope that these health care tips of ours solve many of your health problems in Ramadan and you will be having blessed and comfortable Ramadan Kareem… !

Ramadan is the month of blessings. It involves fasting for the whole day so it changes the schedule.

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