Tackling Your Child’s ‘Buy me this’ Stubbornness While Shopping

Children often use the tricks and tactics that work for them to get what they want. Different parents deal with such situations differently but over all their effectiveness remains doubtful. If a child knows that his parent will give in once he starts shouting, screaming or crying while shopping, he has his hand on your raw nerve. Giving in to your child’s wish once or twice may be okay but if your child is doing this routinely then you need to devise a solution for it. Your child is exploiting your softness and love while giving you stress and ridding you of your comfort and calm. Time to find a solution!

As a parent, it is important that you understand that your child does and will ask for things. Assertiveness is in their nature, it is a healthy trait, natural! The child doesn’t know why he wants a thing, he just knows that he wants it and that’s it. He doesn’t care if his incessant insisting will create a scene at the spot. So, just give him what he wants but in a way that he understands that next time he wants a thing, he will have to change his behavior.

Parents do not normally use effective methods to deal with stubborn children. In order to stop their child’s whining, some parents use this straightforward policy of caving in, while others argue and snub their child. At the end of the day, both types of parents feel frustrated. There have got to be a few rules that you, as a parent, must follow such as:

Rule 1:

Take your children to store, mall or other shopping centers and give them the permission to ask for a thing they want or need.

Rule 2:

If your child wants a thing he really needs or wants, give him a yes but be very clear and specific that they cannot go around shopping for things that are unnecessary. The mention & argument of your wallet running out money etc. doesn’t work with kids. Be specific that you will buy only what is good and useful for them.

Rule 3:

Suppose you refuse to buy your child a thing he wants and he throws a tantrum, do not cave in. Tell him that very moment that if he continued this behavior, he will not get anything from this store again, no matter what he says or does to neutralize his actions. Once the child sees the prospect of what he might lose, he instantly comes back to his senses and stops crying or whining. Remember to deliver this warning note in a calm tone.

A stubborn child who insists on buying every product he puts his finger on can give you real stress but being a parent you need to step up your clever-o-meter.

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