Super Summer Salads

As the weather heats up, people tend to focus their attention towards salads. A nice cool salad can help you in beating the summer heat and also give you an anti-oxidant boost. In summer season many fresh vegetables and fruits are available that you can use in making a tasty and nutritional salad.

Besides vegetables and fruits you can add a variety of ingredients in a salad to make it more flavorful and healthy. Salads are often considered as nutritional power house because they are rich in fibers, nutrients, and vitamins. Super summer salads offer a variety of green and leafy vegetables either fresh or grilled, seasonal fruits, nuts, beans, cheese, chicken and beef.

So dive into a delicious array of summer salads that are perfect for lunch or dinner on a steamy summer day.

Salad is a complete diet. You can use it as a meal or as a side dish in your meal. But with the combination of other ingredients like cheese, mayonnaise and cream etc. salad becomes full of calories which is not good for those who are diet conscious. More colorful mixture of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients means more nutrition you are consuming.

Salads are enriched in vitamins and proteins. So you must eat salads in hot sunny summer to stay fresh. There is no end of recipes for salad and its dressing. The only limited factor is your imagination. There are different kinds of summer salads such as fruit salads, vegetable salad, mixed salad, creamy cucumber salad, Italian pasta salad, orange strawberry and date salad, potato salad, apple mango salad and summer macaroni salad etc. You can make any of these salads to stay cool and fresh. Summer salads are the best antidote to a day spent in the blistering sun.

Cucumber is one of the vegetables of summer and is widely used in salads. Cucumber is 95% water and keeps you safe from dehydration. You can make simple salad at home by using cucumber, tomatoes, melon and water melon.

Refreshing light summer salad features fresh cucumber, tomatoes and red onions with sour and sweet mint dressing. This salad looks and tastes great. Cucumber contains most of the vitamins that body needs in a single day.

In summer people become lazy and eating salad is a super convenient way to work in a couple of servings of vegetables and fruits to keep energetic. If you make salads a part of your daily routine meal, you will reap a lot of benefits. Eating salads means consuming a high fiber diet that can help in lowering cholesterol level and prevent constipation.

The colorful mixture of different ingredients in salad provides many sensory pleasure; bright colors of tomatoes and carrots, the sound of crisp green bean snapping and aroma of fresh mushrooms. Consuming salad in summer prevents you from dehydration and keeps you fresh and cool. In summer, people’s attention is towards water and salads also fulfill the requirement. Eating salads will help you in feeling better, look fit, become healthier and live longer.

In summer, when temperature rises, the preference of people towards crisp, healthy and delicious summer salads also increases. In summer, people become lazy and feel like losing their energy. So summer salads are a more healthy and refreshing part of meal

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