Special Food Recipie For Father’s Day

Father’s day is just celebrated to reassure your love and gratitude for your father. The way to reach the heart of your father is through his stomach. What better gift than cooking special meal for your father on his special day? Treat your dad with his favorite food item. Are you looking for father’s day appetizer? Get creative in the kitchen this father’s day with the special food items that suit his taste. Here is a simple recipe that will help you to make your father feel like a king. Treat dad to the outside meal which he would love.

This father’s day wrap your love and your gift to your father in a bun. When it comes to delicious and comfort food, you cannot get much better than burgers encase in your father’s favorite items. Burger is brilliant brunch dish that is especially sensational. This juicy, healthy and tempting burger is the best way to show your love to your father. Here is recipe of classical hamburger which is very delicious and a good appetizer.

The recipe to prepare a classical hamburger is really very simple and easy. The ingredients that you will require to prepare a hamburger are: Bun, Mayonnaise, tomato, cheese, ketchup, chicken barbecue piece. These are the basic ingredients to prepare any type of burger. You can add spices by keeping in mind the taste of your father.

Cut the bun horizontally from the center to divide the bun in two equal halves. First of all you have to prepare a tangy, yummy and sweet and sour sauce to add more taste in your burger. To make an appetizing sauce you have to make a quick blend of mayonnaise, ketchup and vinegar. This blend of these ingredients will make a tangy, sweet and creamy special sauce for the burger.

Then cut the tomato slices in round shape. Now it’s the time to fill up the bun with sauce and chicken piece. Put some sauce on the one piece of the bun and spread a thick layer of sauce nicely that it covers the upper surface of the bun. Then place chicken piece which already has flavor of barbecue. The barbecue chicken piece will help in keeping the burger juicy. To make a leaner burger, feel free to use the hundred percent ground chicken breast. After placing chicken you can also add cheese.

It is up to the choice of your father. But if you sprinkle mild cheese on the top; it makes your burger extra rich and wonderful.  Then place tomato slices and covers the whole stuff with the other part of bun.  You can make burger more nutritious by garnishing it with leafy greens like lettuce.

Serve this yummy classical hamburger with fries of sweet potatoes, tomato sauce. Have a special feast with hamburger and enjoy it with chill drinks. Show your dad just how much you care by serving him a kingly feast. This cheesy and juicy classic hamburger will add spice to your meal on the special celebration of father’s day.

Make father’s day delicious by serving your father with something special that you cook with love. If you will prepare a delicious classical hamburger, guaranteed to bring smile on the face of your father. The recipe of classical hamburger is simple and

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