Precautionary Steps to Avoid Breast Cancer

Any disease can be escaped or cured only if the patient has proper understanding of the disease. Being a woman, it is extremely important for us to have an understanding of breast cancer. This fact can not be ignored that breast cancer is equally hazardous like any other form of cancer. It is one of the most ancient diagnosed forms of cancer. Breast cancer, basically is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells taking shape of a tumor. A tumor can be benign (not dangerous to health) or malignant (has the potential to be dangerous). Benign tumors grow slowly, and they do not invade nearby tissues or spread to other parts of the body. Malignant tumors can spread beyond the original tumor to other parts of the body. In general, this term breast cancer refers to the malignant form of cancer.

About 90% of breast cancers are because of genetic abnormalities that happen as a result of the aging process. There are steps every person can take to help the body stay as healthy as possible and to lower the risk of breast cancer or to avoid the recurrence of breast cancer. You can not do anything about your genetic inheritance and can not control your ageing process but you can always minimize the risk of breast cancer by maintaining a healthy body by keeping a check on your weight and eating nutritional food.

Women who have their first child after the age of 30 have a higher risk of breast cancer. Having a child is definitely a very personal decision but if there is not any natural obstacle such as infertility then in order to avoid the risk of breast cancer it is better to have a baby early rather then delaying it. Breast feeding lowers the risk of breast cancer. Especially those women who breast feed more then a year lower the risk of breast cancer. The process of making milk keeps cells busy and controls their ability to misbehave. Starting of puberty at very younger age also increases the risk of breast cancer. The earlier you start puberty, the longer is the distance between puberty and pregnancy. It is very important for such females to maintain a healthy body by regular exercise and proper food.

Women who have breasts with a dense network of tissues have a larger risk of developing breast cancer because they possess less fatty tissues. It is always very useful to take some precautionary steps beforehand. Hence a monthly breast self examination and a yearly breast examination by your doctor can prove helpful. Keep an eye on the changes of your breast condition. Overweight women also have a larger risk of breast cancer. Exposure to chemicals through breast enhancing cream or any other form of cosmetics can also serve as one of the causes of breast cancer. Such cosmetics disrupt your hormonal system. Activating cells or tissues abnormally or by fore can create a problem hence it is discouraged to use any such cosmetics in order to avoid the risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer usually happen because of genetic abnormalities but maintaining a healthy body, regular exercise, self breast examination and nutritious food can help you lower the risk of breast cancer.

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