Parents Should Tell Their Kids About 14 August

Though the life is fast nowadays with a lot of pressure both on parents and kids, but there are some things that should not be ignored in any case. When it comes to responsible parenting, there are many important things that parents should take seriously. While teaching many other things, parents should tell their kids about 14th August and the importance of independence. Though, children learn many things in school, but parents should tell their kids about 14th August at their own, so that they may have clear thoughts about the value of independence and their country Pakistan.

On the Independence Day, usually parents think that their parenting job is done by purchasing flags and badges for their children. However, the real parenting responsibility is far beyond that. Being a patriotic Pakistani, you have to change your parenting attitude while discussing the importance of Independence Day with your kids. Parents should tell their kids about 14th August and about the sacrifices our leaders and people have given to get the separate homeland in the name of Islam.

Parents should tell their kids about 14th August’s celebrations and importance and should highlight it as a day of rejoice and celebration for all Pakistanis. Though, the day has been celebrated with great zeal and happiness all over the country, but it is important for you to think that whether you are doing justice to your parenting responsibility. It is your parenting attitude that can bring a good change in your kids. With your positive parenting and sharing knowledge about the Independence of Pakistan with your kids, you can make your kids a better Pakistani for the future.

Parenting can play a very strong role in inculcating the true essence of independence and liberty in children. Families and nation can be strengthened if parenting responsibility of teaching the real reason of the celebration of the 14th August is fulfilled. Parents should tell their kids about 14th August as children need to know that Independence Day means much more than just a holiday. With positive and responsible parenting, parents should elaborate that Independence Day is not all about celebrations, parades, fireworks and musical concerts. In fact, parents should tell their kids about 14th August and why this day is so important for them.

It is a common parenting attitude that parents take their children out on Independence day for viewing the numerous activities going around in the city. However, their real parenting responsibility is to devote time to explain the rationale of the festival. It is a poor parenting practice that rather than pulling out time to explain the sacrifices given by our great heroes due to whom we are now a slavery free nation, we just fulfill our parenting responsibility by making Independence Day a fun holiday for our kids.

It is highly essential that parents should tell their kids about 14th August. Adopt a positive parenting attitude and teach your children about the birth of your homeland, patriotism and love of country.

Fulfill your parenting responsibility by telling your kids about the importance of celebrating 14th August. Rather than making it just a holiday for them, try to teach them the real spirit behind the occasion.

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