Parents Guide for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day. Since Valentine’s Day is all about the chocolates, candies, and flowers and gift giving and also spending time with your loved ones, here is a little list of creative ideas for parents who definitely should celebrate Valentine’s Day with their most loved ones, that is, their children.

Even youngsters today enjoy being pampered and showered with affection on this wonderful occassion. Parents can get together with their little children and make creative cards for each other. For instance, they could get together and ask children to make cards for each parent while the parents make creative handcrafted cards for them in return. This will help make children learn how to utilize colored paper, and other materials available at home to produce creative gifts.

For a fun filled afternoon, children and parents should get together in the kitchen and get some baking done. Cookies, cute little cupcakes and maybe even brownies will help make this day even more special. You could make cupcakes and even cookies or brownies of all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Take your little ones to a baking shop nearby and let them pick out the shapes they love best and will enjoy baking best. Get red food flavour color to add to the more valentine’s touch. 

For the evening, take your children out to buy special presents. Give them a range of items though that they will be allowed to choose from for instance, tell them that they are only allowed gifts between chocolates and stuffed toys for little children and maybe something in the electronics or a nice family movie for a little older children. Getting your little princess a dress that she would love to wear for a family dinner planned for the night will lighten up her day. And for the prince of the house you could always arrange for a nice formal suit and tie to make him feel special.

Teenagers can be a little challenging to please specially because they are going through a lot of changes and mostly on mood swings. Remind them that Valentine’s day is not just about the stereotypical boy and girl valentine’s date arrangements but, an occasion for the entire family.

Dinner is too typical for a Valentine’s Day or even a family day. Why not go for something adventurous? Plan a one day trip with your family to some place around the country where you have never been before. Go exploring, biking or hiking. Have a pleasant, serene picnic planned out.

Plan a full day with fun filled activities. Go to a night club, comedy circus, or attend some event you have never attended before. Go watch plays or go to concert your children never expected you to go to with them! You could even go bungee jumping, cliff diving rock climbing or just a visit to an amusement park you have never been to before. 

Other interesting ideas may include going for a family salsa dance! Why not? It isn’t just for couples. Also, pottery or arts and crafts is the best and most fun way to enjoy the day and produce something actually worth producing. Enjoy some quality time talking, laughing and making unique shapes and items with clay or simply hand crafts during the time spent at home.

It very important to have a very broad outlook on this occasion on not make your children feel that being alone or without a "special someone" will ruin their day. Parents should not go on extremes and make their children think that Valentine’s is just something that should be completely banned or that no one should even dare to utter the day’s name or stuff like that. It is just another occasion created Remind them constant that this day is not just for couples but a day of love to be celebrated with friends as well as family.

Love, love, love is definitely in the air. Not just for couples though. This Valentine's remind your children that Valentine's can definitely be just as fun to be celebrated with their own parents.

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