Mozzarella Sandwiches


4 slices Mozzarella Cheese
8 slice sandwich loaf bread
5 eggs
4 tablespoons milk
1 cup flour oil for frying
Pinch of salt


Trim the mozzarella as necessary. Cover 4 slices of bread top, trim and remove the crusts. Then cut sandwich in half. In a mixing bowl, lightly beat the eggs with milk and salt.
Pour mixture into a dish slightly larger than the sandwiches.

Spread the flour on the plate and place each sandwich on it. Pressing down lightly on each side, gently put each sandwich in the batter. Press towards downward direction, some of the mixture to soak. Turn the sandwich over and repeat the process. Drain over the dish and put to one side. Heat oil in a pan, then Place the sandwich and fry both sides until golden.

Drain well on paper or tissue and then serve with the ketchup. 


You just need small time to cook it but it gives you big taste to enjoy.

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