Mom’s Shoulder is Best Place To Sleep For Kids

It is a wonderful feeling to become a mother. Life becomes more beautiful with the child becoming the first priority for mother. Mother and kid’s relationship is the most beautiful relation in the world. Mother is the most endearing entity and her love for kids is forever. She equally loves her all kids.

Her love starts from the day one when she gives birth to a baby and there is no change in her love whether her children grow older and become a parent themselves.

The love and affection of mother for her children is innate. As a lady becomes a mother she coos, cuddles, kisses and cares a lot of her child. Mother’s shoulder is the only safest place in the world where kids feel secure. A child are used to sleeping with his mother, especially in her arms and on shoulders.

As mother carries her kid on her shoulder he feels relaxed and secure and sleeps immediately. Her shoulder brings warmth, care and security to this new relationship with a tiny human being because touch and physical contact with kids boosts early childhood development.

Mother’s shoulder is the first relaxing place for kids. It builds a feeling of closeness and comfort in her child. This comfort proves to be beneficial in building confidence in kids otherwise insecure attachment of a child with her mother makes him vulnerable to developing behavioral problems and inferior complex. It has been psychologically proved that a mother’s care and love in early ages plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of security and positive self esteem in children.

This healthy relationship triggers development of healthy circuitry in her baby’s budding brain as it has been proved that bonding between a child and mother early in life affects children’s later behavioral attitudes. It also affects kid’s learning, language skills, social and emotional development.

No soul can replace a mother’s emotions. Mother and child relation is one of the longest lasting social ties that human beings have established. Mother covers her child in her arms and is always over-protective about her child care and gives this tiny scrap of humanity all her affection, closeness and comfort. A kid feels secure and safe only with his mother.

Kids feel their mother and as mother tends to carry her babies over the shoulder they fall asleep because of the feeling of relaxation. A close attachment prevents diseases, boosts immunity and also enhances IQ level in a kid. Mother’s shoulder is the best way to relieve all worries and pain. Not only infants but also adults feel secure on mother’s shoulder.

No individual can bestow the warmth of mother’s shoulder and lap. Mother delivers her children with great difficulties and then grows them up with many sacrifices. She is the only person whose love is not artificial. She is the one who loves her kids without any greed of benefits. There is no alternate of a mother’s love. Therefore, heaven lies beneath the feet of mothers.

Children consider their mother a safe place from which they explore their surrounding. They gain first assurance from their mother. A healthy relationship between a mother and a baby enables latter to recognize the mother because mom’s shoulder provides

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