Making conversations with adolescents

Who said raising adolescents is an easy job? Many of us just given up and let them have things their own way. But, seriously, is that the right way to deal with it?! Obviously not. Since, teenage is the transitional phase of life when they are experiencing a mental and physical development, thus, for that they require more guidance and better supervision – but not another Hitler in the house! It won’t be wrong to say that they rather need a friend!

Exactly, try being friends with them. There is no need to be harsh on them, put labels on what to do and what not to do, rather, make them sit with you. Yes, try to develop a bond with them so that they can sit feel comfortable around you, not feeling intimidated or bashful in some cases. So after you and your teenage child are finally face-to-face, start a conversation from a light-hearted subject. Ask them how are things going with them, ask them about school, but make sure that you don’t sound demanding. Your tone should be welcoming. Make them feel at ease so they too can feel relaxed talking to you. If you find them frowning at a certain question of yours, for example, if you’re asking about school, and you find them giving you expressions like “what’s with you?” or “your are intruding my privacy, HELLO!”, this is a tough one, REALLY! To easen them up, just make a humor out of it and share some funny experience you have had at your school, back in your time. If you find them being amused by your reminiscing, you should pat yourself and feel proud. That means, your child is beginning to get the same friendly vibes from you. And you never know, they might share some experience of their own with you.

Then, you can go on asking how their friends are, if they had a good time at school today, and what the most exciting even of the day was. Remember in asking these questions, do not, I repeat do not sound inquisitive in a nosy way. Make it sound like you are missing your days and just want to connect with them.

Then, you can move onto giving them little advices all the way through, guide them as a friend and then as a parent because the whole idea of trying to bond up with them is ofcourse for their proper guidance and well-being.

The essence of this tête-à-tête is to step-by-step make you move towards the friendship line with your adolescent and make them better individuals and your representatives in the society.


Befriending your teenage kids isn't as easy as an ABC, but sure is worth it, once you become friends with them.

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