Making a boy’s room perfect for the boy

A decorating theme is a great way to begin decorating a room for a boy. If you’re like most parents in Pakistan, you’ve probably spent lots of time thinking about decorating your boy’s room. While bunnies are cute and teddy bears are darling, you might want something different for the bedroom or playroom of a boy in Pakistan.
There are lots of grand themes in Pakistan for boys’ rooms. A special theme will provide both the focus and the inspiration for a special one-of-a-kind room and can be adapted as your boy grows into a teenager. Below are some ideas you can work around in Pakistan:

  • Bug’s Life
    From bees and ants to frogs and reptiles, creatures of nature often capture a boy’s attention.
  • Favorite Animals
    what boy in Pakistan wouldn’t love a room focusing on his favorite pet? Whether it’s a dog or cat, bird or snake, using this theme will make your boy (and his pet) feel particularly happy.
  • Playhouse / Play town
    in Pakistan this theme will provide a wonderful scheme for decorating your boy’s room and provide lots of wonderful playtime possibilities as well.
  • Rain Forest
    in Pakistan you can choose a colorful jungle border, or try a jungle area rug. Soft fabric snakes and colorful stuffed birds or butterfly cutouts can add to the décor of your boy’s room.


Every kid’s room desires a theme. With most boys’ rooms, a theme will be easy to choose, based on his likes and interests. There are plenty of themes to pick from when decorating your boy room.

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