Keep Your Home More Clean in Ramadan

Being a Muslim cleanliness has primary importance in our lives. In fact cleanliness is a part of our belief. Muslims are strictly instructed to keep cleanliness physically and spiritually. Spiritually you can clean your self with prayers, zikars, fasting and by following religious instructions. Physical cleanliness demands to keep clean your body and house. In the month of Ramadan don’t forget to pay attention on the cleanliness of your home.

Ramadan Guide To Keep Your Home Clean 

  • First of all keep in mind that the month of Ramadan is conditioned with breaking fast parties (Iftar parties). People more often like to invite their friends and relatives at their home in Ramadan. So cleanliness of your home does matter a lot.
  • In the month of Ramadan 90% activities of women are related with kitchen and cooking. Women remain busy for whole day; they want to please their family on their taste. It becomes difficult for them to pay attention on the cleanliness of their home.
  • It is necessary to clean your home in Ramadan. In a neat and clean home you can enjoy and celebrate more. Pay extra attention on cleanliness of your home in Ramadan. Clean the walls, decorations, carpets, bed sheets, sofas and curtains.
  • Ramadan is coming in the season of rain, rainy season comes with different type of insects. Insects are highly infected with viral germs, make sure that insects are not wondering in your house. Use anti bacterial cleaners to clean your home. Try to keep hygienic environment in your home for Ramadan.

Ramadan Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

Following are tips to keep your home clean in Ramadan, by following these house cleaning tips in Ramadan you can clean your home in better ways.

  • Ramadan keeps you busy with abundant load of cooking. You also want to spend enough time in worshiping. It will quiet helpful for you if you had carefully cleaned your home before Ramadan. It will also save your time in Ramadan.
  • Morning hours are best to clean your home. In Ramadan mornings your mind is not occupied with the thoughts to prepare lunch. So you are free to clean your home.
  • Get help from the young children, where Ramadan keeps the elders busy with lots of stuff, there it makes the children free from some responsibilities. Children spend their time waiting to break the fast. You can make your children busy in cleaning. It will be a great activity for them to pass their time in a useful manner.
  • Washing all essential stuff before Ramadan will reduce your workload in Ramadan.
  • You can hire a servant to clean your home in the month of Ramadan to release yourself from the time taking task of cleaning.

Make sure that your home is cleaner in the month of Ramadan. There is Ramadan guide and tips to maintain cleanliness in Ramadan

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