Is Your Menstrual Cycle Normal?

Menstrual cycle is one of the physical changes through which a girl turns into a woman. It is a major satge of puberty in girls and necessary for the purpose of sexual reproduction. But have you noticed that whether your menstrual cycle is normal or not? Do you know when your menstrual period began and how long it lasted? If no then it is time to pay serious attention. You can track your menstrual cycle by reading these menstrual cycle guide and menstrual problems for girls that I have written for you. Tracking your menstrual cycle through this guide will help you to identify changes, time and unpredictable bleeding.
The girls began to menstruate when they are about 10 to 14 years old. Average age of menstruation is approximately 12.  In some girls puberty starts late. If you are late and your menstruation cycle is not started then  you must consult a doctor.
After having first menstruation cycle called menarche, long cycles are common that is normal. There is nothing to worry about because as you age, your menstrual cycle tends to shorten and become regular. Periods can be light or heavy, painful or pain free, long or short; this all is considered normal. A women continues to menstruate until menupause begins in the age of 45 to 55.
An average menstrual cycle may occur 28 to 29 days and lasts for 2 to 7 days.  Normal range of losing blood is about 1o to 80 mililiters while 35 mililiters is being average. Having regular menstrual cycle is good for your health. Some girls are worried about having period twice in one month that is not good.
Many girls experience different changes before they get periods like cramping, feel bloated, irritation, headache, lowerback pain and change in mood. It is considered normal. If you suffer from much pain then it is abnormal you deserve to consult a doctor. 
If changes occurs in your period and you are getting heavy or low bleeding suddenly. It happens due to an irregular menstrual cycle. You must need to be checked out by your doctor if you have to change your pad after every 3 hours or having  low bleeding.
Average length of periods is 2 to 7 days. Some girls periods lasts more than 7 days. If your periods is long but not overly heavy then it is normal. If periods last for more than 7 days with excessive bleeding then it can lead to deficiency of iron and anaemia.
Heavy periods are frequently associated with blood clots that cause anaemia. If you get blood clots when you are in periods, you must discuss it with doctor.
If hormones are not in balance, menstrual cycle will be affected. Hormones influence menstruation cycle.  If you are underweight, your hormones wil start working improperly and your periods might stop working. Stress can also influence menstruation. A woman has approximately 500 periods in her lifetime.
You can get rid of menstrual problems if you begin to pay attention to your menstrual cycle by reading abovementioned problems and it will help you to understand what is normal and abnormal.

Menstruation is women’s monthly bleeding. Menstrual cycle symbolizes that your reproductive system is working properly and normally. But do you know if your menstrual cycle normal? If not, then you must read my article to know what is normal and what is

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