How to Go Hiking With Your Toddler

Hiking is the best way to burn your extra energy. It will make you feel free and if you’re hiking to countryside, then it will also leave a soothing effect on your soul. Exploring outdoors with your toddler is a good idea indeed because it will be a different adventure for him/her. You can make it a memory too by taking pictures of you with your toddler which will please him when he will grow up.

Your toddler will see the outer world with this experience and will also enjoy his little footsteps with you at hiking. But the thing that may be a little panic for you is how to take care of your toddler during hiking or what are the things that you have to keep in mind while going hiking with your child. Going hiking with a year child requires a proper planning that everything will go well without any mismanagement. You have to keep in mind your stamina and all the essential points that can ruin your hiking. Here are few tips how to go hiking with your toddler.

Realistic Approach:

Before going to hiking with your child, you have keep in mind the stamina and abilities of your baby. Your hiking should not be of several hours, instead make it short. On the other hand, stay on different locations to relax your toddler and let him explore more. If you will not make proper plan of hiking, then it will definitely leads toward a bad experience for you and your child. Thus make sure that your child is mentally prepared for a little adventure and merry making. It you succeed in making a memorable hiking, then it will leave a good impact on your child’s health as well.

Selection of Place:

Selection of the right place is also essential to make a good and memorable hiking with your toddler. You can go for the trail that you have visited before because it will make you less tired and your child as well. But choosing a new place will be a different experience for both of you which will help you to explore new things also. If you’re taking your child in a stroller, then keep in mind the surface of your hiking spot. Stairs and resistance on the surface can spoil your journey and can ruin your mood as well.


Pack all the required items like snacks, water, milk, juice etc for you and your toddler. The most important thing that you should keep in mind before going for hiking is to wear comfortable shoes that could help you to walk to great distance. You can wear joggers for this purpose because they are more comfortable for hiking than any other foot wear. As you’re going with your toddler, then it will be good for you to carry some baby diapers and wipes as a precautionary measure in sort of emergency. 

Let’s fun:

Your toddler always wants some fun activity with you. Plan some activities that can amuse your toddler during hiking so that he may not get bore of all way strolling. You can pick some colorful flowers from the way (if possible) which will make your child happy indeed. You can also amuse your toddler with his/her favorite tone or music so that he will not get bore of hiking. Take one or two toys of him which are easy to carry for you; he will be busy with those toys in stroller during your long walk.

Avoid Bright Sun:

If its too sunny day, then you should take hat and sunglasses for your toddler so that he will be safe from damaging sun rays and heat irritation. Try to put light clothes according to the weather and don’t make everything heavy and bulky. This is how you can go for hiking with your toddler.

Do you want to go for hiking but a bit panic about your toddler? Don’t be panic! You can enjoy your hiking with your toddler in an easy way. To find out the answers of your questions, continue reading.

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