How to Get Out of Sticky Situations

Kids are naturally curious and out of their curiosity and innocence, they sometimes embarrass their parents. At times they ask about things that are not appropriate for their age, other times they spill juvenile nonsense and sometimes let out family’s embarrassing secrets in front of guests. In such situations parents find themselves particularly trapped because kids are blunt, natural and mindless and spurt out whatever comes to their mind. Learn how you can best deal with such situations:

Training Your Kids:

It is imperative that you tell your children to learn the difference between home and outside. What they do at home, how they carry themselves and most importantly how their family gets along is a matter that must remain at home. When outside, children should be taught to speak to guests or other people in a very calculated tone and answer only those questions that are related to their school, homework and play. Complex questions should be left for parents to answer. These things will take time but once you inculcate this sense of responsibility in your children, it will help you and them in the long run.

Curiosity of Children:

Children are very curious. They ask meaningless questions which turn into meaningful ones with the passage of time. Once your kid crosses 10, he would start asking serious questions like where do babies come from? What happens after marriage? Why should girls dress up modestly? How to differentiate between male and female gender? What is bad touching? Be prepared for these questions. Do not be startled if your kid asks these questions. It won’t be too long before he finds the answers himself from other sources, or much worse, from his own experience. Talk to you kids, it is important. Talk to them and hear them ask questions. If you do not want to answer their questions, give them children-books that talk about these issues in a very calculated and careful manner. Do not let internet, movies or mobiles teach your kids what you should.

Single Parenting & Divorce:

This is the stickiest situation where parents find themselves unable to handle the troubled child. Being a single or divorced parent, you are already going through a very tough time of your life without the child adding anymore to it. However, the child is as much disturbed as you are if not any less because he has to face snarky questions about his missing parent everyday in school, playfield etc. In such a situation, you need to talk to your child. Explain to him what went wrong and why you chose to take that step. Make him understand your side of the story before he conjures a little story of his own painting you as the culprit. Talk to your kid and listen to him, his qualms and his reservations. Effective communication helps bridge relations. It develops confidence and trust in each other. Once your child has all the answers, he will help you improve the quality of his and your life.

Sticky situations are embarrassing for parents. Learn the smart answers & techniques to handle the situation.

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