How To Decor Your Home For Eid-ul-Fitr

Celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr

When celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr, everyone is content and humbly enjoying the food that the homeowner prepared for the guests and the whole family. It is a time to celebrate life, and celebrate the chance that one has to get the right amount of food to nourish their body, their husbands and wives, their children, when others cannot. These are the lessons of the holy month of Ramadan.

To start the day, you can wear new clothes or at least wear your most beautiful and elegant ones. The woman can wear henna on their hands, if they want to. You can also do the ritual of the ghusl, to purify your whole body to start this new cycle.

Then, break the fasting when the sun rises with what the host of the house prepared. You can choose to eat dates in odd number like prophet Muhammad did. This is entirely up to you, there are no obligations on how you should or should not break the fast for Eid-ul-Fitr. While eating, you can read the Quran or listen to it. You will find the quran in arabic on this website.

Once everyone has eaten, you can start your journey to the mosque to pray. Men and women should go to the Eid prayer. Of course, it depends on what your mosque and your imam advised. Don’t forget to wish Eid Mubarak at the end of the prayer.

For the Eid-ul-Fitr, the most delightful dishes can be made such as baklava, halwa, and falooda. Make as much as you want of it and enjoy it with the one you love, people at the mosque, your neighbours, etc. Eat and share. You can also give presents to the younger ones.

The next step to celebrate Eif-ul-Fitr, is to give to charities, to those who have the less. It is Zakat-al-Fitr. It is one of the pillars of Islam, Zakat. The holy month of Ramadan made us feel how those who don’t have enough food to eat and water to drink feel. It is a month of empathy. Zakat-al-Fitr is here to make you remember that those people do not stop being hungry and thirsty when Ramadan ends. By giving to the poorest and being charitable, you acknowledge their existence and struggle, and most importantly, you act on it. Your act of charity can provide someone with a meal, and make that person full and hydrated for the day.

Eid is a special occasion for Muslims. It is one of the gifts from Almighty Allah after fasting for thirty days in holy month of Ramadan. With the advent of Ramadan, people indulge themselves in different kinds of home preparations. This Eid try to be different and decorate your home with specialized Eid decorative ideas.

the occasion of the Eid when everyone is busy in beautifying themselves. The lady of the house indulges herself in home decoration. Ideas and tips are handy for them. There are many ways you can choose for decorating your home this Eid. Check out the following ideas.

Women should first clean the mess of the house. Cleanliness of floor, roofs and every corner of the home is vital factor in decorating. Cleanliness matter a lot. Clean every corner of your home whether it is lounge, bedroom, drawing room and also other parts of your home.

Eid decoration can also include re-painting the walls to give the fresh look.  For a festive look, choose a bright color that makes a wall come alive. Go for deeper colors instead of light one.

Give natural look to your home. Placing new flower pots is one of the convenient ways in decorating a home. You can replace your flower pots in different corners of your home. Flowers can be fresh, real or artificial which also gives colors and fragrance to your home.

You can place pots and vases in lounge, corridors, kitchen windows and everyone will appreciate perfect aroma for the Eid decoration. Check out which corner of your house needs accentuation and you can make it attractive by placing large sized vases with colorful and beautiful flowers.

A welcome rug can be the best way to express your love for your home. This will simple change the mood of your house, do experiment with it.  This expressive and interesting way of decorating home entrance with beautiful pieces of rugs is a great welcome to your guests. Give your house a classical and traditional look by bringing in bright colored rugs and cushions.

So many cushions of different colors, some bold or some light huddled together on a single sofa add a very comfortable look to your home. This time do try variations and combination instead of sticking to just one color.

You can place decoration accessories like aroma candles and small glasses and marble decoration pieces. I am sure that you already have stocked of such items in your home. Center table looks good with lot of marble items place neatly on them like platinum items, small glass items and gem stones.

Beautify your home with new designs of wall hangings. Add atouch of awe-inspiring beauty and give your walls a chance to smile with bold colors and adornments. You can highlight particular corners of your home with lamps.

Thus, make your Eid joyful by experiment new designs with your home and get the appreciation in return. These useful tips will get you notice in front of your guests on the festive of Eid. They will surely praise your taste and your sense of home decoration.

Here is a list of colorful home decor items and accessories to decor your home. Make this Eid special by following our tips. You will surely get appreciation from your guests on the festival of Eid.

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