How to Ascertain your own Home Decorating Styles

Giving a new style and elegance to your home décor brings a new look, coziness and a fresh atmosphere altogether.

Never depend on professional interior decorators because it s not always that they come up to your expectations. Once you really know what you want, you can discover your own style. Usually  its seen, that people willing to decorate their houses themselves do not sense their own style instead imitate what s in the magazines. That does bring style to your home decor but it never fulfils your requirement.
By keeping in mind what are your requirements, what you are willing to do, what you really want in your home décor you can easily discover your own style. A style that is conducive to your family members and reflects your values. Once you’ve decorated it the way you want, you find your home to be a safe heaven.

In order to discover your own style in home décor, you need to take a close look at your home. The existing furnisher, wall paint, the color of the paint, the size of your rooms, plants, and other home accessories you have. Although the way your home is already decorated might be from a home décor magazine but still some part of it would reflect your own personality.

Follow your instinct, walk around your house and see what s missing. Your life experiences, color preference, the size of your house, the way of furnishing are all key points to be followed while decorating your home. What are the things that need to be changed or renovated? Once you’ve short listed things you need to change or you want to add-in it would become easier to move ahead and go for it.

Small and low ceiling houses should always be decorated lightly. This means that the paint colors used should be lighter, sleek and minimal pieces of furnisher should be used, try using mirrors ,in most of the rooms, this gives an open look to the size of the room, increase the amount of lighting to make the environment brighter. By keeping in mind the given points it would be easier for you to decorate your house even though it’s a bit small.

Big houses are bit easier to decorate as they give you an open choice of paint colors, all sorts of furnisher types and other home accessories to be used.

Home décor and furnishing, all depends on one’s personality and taste. It differs from person to person. There is not right or wrong in home décor you just need to follow your personal taste and values.

Giving a new style and elegance to your home décor brings a new look, coziness and a fresh atmosphere altogether.

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