How Teething Effects on Health of Child

Teething is a process in which baby’s teeth often called milk teeth appear by cutting gums. Teething process start as early as four months or as late as twelve months of infants age. The first teeth typically appear between six to nine months. Teething may cause some health issues in kids, like temperature, irritability, motions etc, and these issues are not directly linked to the teething process. Teething process sometimes put the infants on the risk of different infections and these infections may cause certain health hazards for the kids. 

Teething effects on the health of baby

  • Drooling is first sign, normally infants drool, but in teething infants drool excessive. Keep in mind excessive drooling is a first sign of teething process. Too much wetness in mouth put the infants on the risk factors of certain infections but it’s not necessary in all cases.

  • Pain is not due to teething, sometime teething process is painful for your baby. Pain is not necessarily conditioned with the teething but some infants experienced pain in teething. This pain often cause sleep disturbance, irritability and disturbed eating patterns.

  • Rash often present, teething cause sometimes rash in gums of your baby because of being wet all time with drooling. Use some good mouth gel to reduce rash with the prescription of your doctor.

  • Itching is normal; in teething itching is a prominent feature of teething. Babies want to chew in itching. They want to take every object into their mouth to chew. In itching the chewing habit of babies leads them toward infections, because your baby may chew unhygienic objects. To sort out this problem give your babies medicated hygienic chewing objects.

  • Sore gums sometimes, teething babies experience sore gums. At a certain level it is quiet normal in teething, sore gums cause mood disturbance in babies. They don’t like to eat or drink warm things they like to take cold objects in mouth. Give your babies some ice cubes to chew it will reduce pain.

  • Gum Hematoma, A gum hematoma is a significant medical problem which is mostly uncommon in babies, but some babies might experience it. It causes bleeding under the gums in teething but normally this isn’t a major problem can be mange with doctors assistance.

  • Fever is a myth, in teething fever is not compulsory as majority of people thought. Your baby may develop fever but keep in mind it is not the direct symptom of teething, If the fever occurs it can be the sign of actual illness. 

  • Coughing and, when your baby start teething process you might notice an increase in coughing  this is because of excess drooling drips down into your infant’s throat, collecting there and causing coughing. Consult your doctor if you notice increase in coughing.

Teething is a process in which babies teeth start appearing. In teething babies often face some health issues. With proper and appropriate hygiene you can overrule such heath issues in teething.

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