Home Decorating Ideas For Eid-ul-Fitr 2012

Eid-ul-fitr is the time of rejoice for the souls of the Muslim community. They gather up to greet one another and express their well wishes for their loved ones. Since it is the time of festivity for the people, so should be depicted in home décor as well.
Here are some easy and simple tips for your Eid Decoration Ideas.

• Rearrangement
Nothing can be easier and cheaper than rearranging your furniture to give a new and refreshed look to your home on Eid-ul-fitr 2012. You will be able to give your home a detailed cleanup as well. Your guests will love this creative side of yours at a zero budget. Rearrange the paintings and the crystals as well, giving your home a complete makeover.

• Flowers
A simple and beautifully elegant way to add color and aroma to your home for Eid celebrations is to add flowers to your living and dining area. Arrange some flowers in the corners of your living room. Select the colors of the flowers carefully, so that they go with the rest of the décor of your home. This will add simplicity and elegance to the over all look of your home. You can also add a few arrangements in the entrance lobby of your house to give an instant refreshing feel to your guests as soon as they get in.

Lights and Candles
One of the wonderful home décor ideas for Eid-ul-fitr 2012 is to add a few small spot lights to your main area to put emphasis on the focal points like some favorite crystal of yours, a painting or the flowers. You can just change the overall lighting effect by using small lamp lights to give a softer look. Another great way of adding lights is to add aromatic colorful candles to your living and dining area. They give a really unique and elegant look.

• Crockery
Eid-ul-fitr is the best time to show off your expensive crockery. Surely, you will be making many foods and delights to entertain your guests with. By presenting the foods in nice and stylish platters, you will definitely make an impression of your taste on your guests in the name of simple Eid decoration ideas.

• Add some artwork
Another nice and easy way to refresh the décor of your home for the Eid is to add a couple of artworks in your main living area. You can add a few small paintings to add up to the décor. This will add to the color combinations and will give a nice and refreshing look. Not to mention the admiration from your guests about your taste in art.

These are just a few home décor ideas for Eid-ul-fitr 2012; let your creative sense go beyond imaginations to get the best out of it.

Eid is the time of festival and having get together. So, your home needs a little makeover to win your guests. Here are some simple home décor ideas for Eid-ul-fitr 2012.

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