Healthy Summer Food For Kids

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Summer is the most favorite time for children to enjoy and to make lots of fun. It’s the most memorable time for kids because no boring school routine. Simultaneously tough time for moms to do households as well as to deal kids special food.

Healthy summer food tips full of nutritious value are given below for mothers. 

• Magical fruit water melon

One of the healthiest summer foods is having no fats. Full of energy food gives freshness and strength to kids after playing out door games to fight against scorching sun. Mothers should give first priority to this magical gift of nature.

• Yummy yogurts

Healthy summer food for kids and another resource of energy, full of calcium is yoghurt. Yogurt is very good and essential element for teeth and bones. It not only helps kids for growth but also help to increase their heights. Mothers should give fruity yogurts and plain yogurt to their kids on daily basis.

• Lemonade and other energy drinks

Citric fruit lemon is full of vitamin C, B complex, and other minerals like calcium, copper and potassium. All these essential minerals are necessary for growth of kids and enhance physical and mental strength of kids. Children should be given lemonade on daily basis. Lemon is free of fats and cholesterol and makes digestion easy. Intake of sorbets like Roh Afza, Jam-E-Shire, Sandal and other energy drinks should also be increased for their freshness and energy.

• Fruity snacks and fruity pizzas

Healthy summer food also consists of fruity snacks and fruity pizzas. Kids always love to eat junk food such as pizzas and snacks. So try to give them fresh stuffed fruits in snacks and especial topping of fruits on pizzas such as mangoes, strawberries and other favorite fruits of kid. It will be exciting and full of fun for kids to enjoy different fruity flavors. All this also boosts up their energy level and develops the habit of eating fruits for kids.

• Fruity shakes and flavored milk

Healthiest summer food gives strength, energy and essential developmental nutrients to kids. Fruity shakes and flavored milk should be main course of kids’ food daily. Without milk their growth and development would be adversely affected and their efficiencies would be decreased. It is very difficult for mothers to urge them to drink milk regularly. So don’t worry, try to give them milk in the form of shakes, it would be healthier.

• Corn comb

Corn comb is very good and healthy food for growing kids. It consists of no cholesterol and no fats and is full of energy. It has calcium, iron protein, carbohydrates, folic acid 12, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and many more. Corn comb is easily available through the whole year. On the basis of its nutritious value nobody can deny from its importance. Mothers should always give kids the Corn Comb in different forms in their meals. It can be added as topping on several foods. It is also available in canes ready to use.

Healthy summer food for kids should be full of colors and having essential nutrients for development and growth. Mothers should make food an art for kids.

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