Health is Wealth


A good or quality health never ever depends upon medicines or extra supplements. A quality health only need a good and proper health care plan, physical activities a healthy life style.

Health is Wealth – No doubt this is a very common but very true proverb at a time. Quality of life depends upon quality health. Our proper and quality health depends upon our healthy lifestyle. One can only achieve this wealth (health) by spending much time on maintenance of her/his health and by having healthy habits i.e. physical, mental, social and eating habits. A healthy body and healthy mind can enjoy the full fruits of healthy life. Ill or sick person consider being a burden. He/she can’t enjoy the quality life and also suffering from the real wealth i.e. a good & quality health.

Having a good health or to maintain good health never ever depends upon medicines or extra food and supplements. Our good health only needs our proper health care plan, our daily eating habits, healthy life style and along with this a healthy & contented social & mental life.

In our very special article, we put emphasis on desi tips on maintaining a quality health by using following our desi tips towards quality health you can easily make your health care plans and spend a healthy & happier life.

Desi tips towards Quality Health:

  • Be Active: Your activeness is the foremost point towards quality health. Physical activities and workouts are the essentials of quality health. As obesity is rising day by day and the major reason of poor health so, you have to reduce your weight to maintain your quality health.
  • Maintain low Cholesterol: High cholesterol is the fatal disease now days. One can’t have a quality health with high cholesterol level. Avoid fatty food, oily snacks and banaspati ghee (edible ghee) to reduce the high level of cholesterol. The high level cholesterol shrinks your heart vessels and can cause heart attack i.e. another factor which damages your quality health.
  • Eat right thins/food at right time: Our quality life depends upon our right eating habits and on right time. Eat when you are hungry. Also avoid junk food especially when your hunger level is on high grade as this can cause acidity and produce fatty ingredients in your body. As a result you gain weight that damages your quality health.
    Take fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, salads and whole grain products that are of low calories and are essential for quality health.
  • Use calorie free beverages: Beverages having calories and citric soda like energy drinks, fizzy and soft drinks are the real evil of quality health. They not only damage our immune system but also cause of weight gain. Use calorie & soda free drinks i.e. water, sugar free tea, green tea, lime tea etc instead of beverages.
  • Maintain a good mental health: Our mental health counts a lot in having a quality health. Don’t deprive yourself by the things you don’t have. Be satisfy with what you have. Maintain good social and family relationships. Practice your spiritual duties daily and on time. These practices decrease your anxiety level and sustain your mental health which is also very important factor towards quality health.

A good or quality health never ever depends upon medicines or extra supplements. A quality health only need a good & proper health care plan, physical activities a healthy life style.

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